Recession-Proof Local Marketing Strategies for Businesses

Last week we talked about the growing number of local search queries and what that means for local businesses. This week we’re focusing on some key local marketing strategies for agencies in the current economic climate.

Recession-Proofing Your Local Marketing Clients as Much as Possible

It seems everyone is talking about recession, especially in the last few weeks. Just today we quickly found multiple articles on SEO sites discussing this topic. As an agency and local marketer, recession will almost certainly impact your business.

You will have clients who cancel services, put services on hold, or reduce the monthly budget. These clients are planning for a decline in business and want to ensure they have enough bucks in the bank to get them through the downturn.

You’ll have other clients who keep pushing forward – and they will most likely push your agency even more. They’ll want to ensure that every penny they spend on local marketing pays off for them – and there’s nothing wrong with this. In fact, they should always do this whether the economy is booming or in decline.

So what can you do to keep all your clients happy during this time?

Ensuring the Local Marketing Budget Is Allocated Correctly

1. Google Business Profile

With the Google Business Profile (GBP) making up 36% of the 2021 Local Ranking Factors survey, you cannot afford to ignore this.

Make sure you go beyond the basics with high-quality images, updated product information and special offers, along with completing the questions and answers section of the GBP. And don’t forget to stay relevant with frequent GBP Posts that show up in the knowledge panel.

BTW…. they just added a new LGBTQ+ attribute to the GBP. Now is a great time to audit your clients’ GBPs to see what other attributes you can add.

2. Location Pages for Local Businesses

Location pages, Local Business Schema and reviews are important for a business’ visibility in the local pack and organic search.

Audit your clients and make sure they include name, address and phone number (NAP) data, a map, key products and services, location information – and a clear call to action. Remember, proximity, relevance and prominence are the factors determining where the business appears in search results.

3. Local Business Listings

Because bad data can undo all your hard work, make sure you have consistent NAP data across all listings. So, what’s the easiest way to do this? To make sure the business gets the most bang for the buck, use a business listing management solution that reaches a lot of directories. At Advice Local, we distribute business information to directories that are also data amplifiers. Our listing management solution includes the most important directories, data aggregators, mapping apps and more.

This is quite crucial, for when credible sources distribute the data, countless other platforms trust that the information is accurate. In turn, additional directories grab the data and use it on their own platforms. This is the nature of amplification. It means that a small amount of upfront work can really pay off for your local business clients.

4. Don’t Forget Hyperlocal Sites Like Nextdoor

Reading this article on Streetfight written about the recession got us thinking about hyperlocal, and how leveraging sites like Nextdoor, Judy’s Book and BubbleLife can help a business reach a new audience.

You may recall that during the peak times of COVID everyone was all about shopping local. While this momentum has diminished a bit it will most likely see new life once again, depending on how deep this recession cuts.

Incidentally, at Advice Local we can help you with Nextdoor, Judy’s Book and BubbleLife.

5. Tracking Results Is Imperative

It’s important to make sure your clients know the exact value you bring to the table, from ensuring the business’ website has Google Analytics in place, to setting up goals and reporting with tools available in your partner dashboard, such as the Progress Report.

If you only provide one component of their marketing, ensure you use UTMs. These small snippets of code let you pinpoint traffic sources so you can precisely detail the results your efforts are achieving. Don’t let your results get lumped in with the efforts of other marketing companies working for the client.

If you don’t have direct access to their Google Analytics, get it. If you don’t know how to navigate and understand Google Analytics, get someone who does know – or get some training.

Surviving the Economic Slowdown

A recession will naturally bring about challenges for businesses, agencies and local marketers alike. But just as some will struggle in changing economic circumstances, others will thrive. As always, work with clients to deliver the best results, on time and within budget. A recession isn’t a signal to panic, but an indicator to make adjustments – and find ways to deliver more with the tools at your disposal.

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