Smartphones have created a wealth of new marketing opportunities for businesses. Having a mobile-friendly website is certainly crucial, but it’s not the only way to connect with mobile consumers. Since 90% of all time spent on smartphones and tablets is dedicated to mobile apps, even businesses with amazing responsive websites should create a mobile app that places their brand on the home screen of consumer devices.

Why Every Business Needs a Branded Mobile App

1. Stronger Brand Image

A mobile app provides a business with complete control over the way its brand is presented to smartphone users. An app can be tailored to embody the business’s tone, style, and desired customer interactions. Creating a branded mobile app makes it easier than ever to maintain a consistent brand image across all platforms and deliver an optimal experience to both desktop and mobile users.

2. Improved User Experience

A responsive or mobile-friendly website is important, but it can’t offer smartphone users the same smooth experience of a dedicated mobile app. That’s because apps are more efficient, more functional, and more convenient on mobile devices. Mobile apps are typically less cumbersome than websites, which allows them to load faster, reduce customer frustration, and minimize bounce rate. Offering a mobile app makes it easier for on-the-go consumers to interact with the brand.

3. Higher Engagement Levels

A branded app can offer specific features that integrate smartphone capabilities and drive engagement. For instance, a well-timed push notification can draw a customer back into the app, while the presence of a click-to-call button makes it simple for consumers to contact you with a single interaction. Plus, mobile apps offer more immersive experiences than websites because they are presented in their own customized environment, rather than hosted on a browser.

4. Superior Marketing Opportunities

Smartphones have limited storage space, which means every download places your brand among an exclusive group of selected apps. The fact that an app is always available at the consumer’s fingertips is not only convenient, but it’s also a valuable marketing opportunity. App icons are visible on the user’s mobile screen, which guarantees brand exposure any time they swipe through their phone – even when they don’t actually open the app.

Furthermore, an app doesn’t need to contain all of the information available on your website, which allows for a more efficient sales funnel that can guide customers towards specific interactions, encourage them to take action, and lead to more sales.

5. More Customer Insights

When it comes to delivering better customer experiences, knowledge is power. Mobile analytics provides businesses with precise data about how users interact with the app. These insights reveal how often a user accesses the app, the length of each session, what buttons or screens are most popular, and other patterns that can be used to better understand and leverage specific consumer behaviors.

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