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The rise of mobile is not exactly what you’d call a dry, abstract subject. With so many of us living the mobile experience every day we clearly know it as a vital and exciting subject. We observe mobile use by family, co-workers, fellow shoppers and people in general getting from their point A to point B, with an on-average “connection to the web time” of about 3 hours daily. (Nomophobia? Maybe.)

As a business owner, digital marketer, SEO pro or affiliated professional you might have a pretty good handle on the miracle of mobile, but we’re still at the beginning of this monster trend. As with anything that is widely available and rapidly changing, there is always more to know.

Yes, you’re working hard to maximize the payoff from mobile. I get that because it is my mission as well, and to that end I present my newest eBook, “Making the Most of the Mobile Experience”.

Announcing @Advice_Local’s #eBook: Making the Most of the #Mobile Experience
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Go Mobile or Go Home

That’s right, I said “go mobile or go home.” Even big fans of mobile may not fully grasp this truth: if you don’t have a plan to reach out to consumers via mobile today, then you do not have a marketing plan. That’s not a criticism, just the sharp edge of truth cutting through any confusion.

The Proof is in the Mobile Stats

To begin, the time spent on smartphones has surpassed the time spent watching television. Is this “always on” shift true for you, too?

  • 85 percent of sites now meet Google’s criteria for mobile-friendliness (and how about yours?)
  • 39 percent of consumers make purchases from within apps
  • Consumers spend 90% of their smartphone screen-time in mobile apps
  • Mobile is massive: the value of mobile-influenced purchases in 2015 alone totals around $1 trillion – yes, trillion with a “t”

But wait… there’s more than just eye-opening statistics, you will find analysis and recommended best practices to strengthen your brand in this eBook. I will reveal the hidden pieces of the mobile space to help you improve customer experience and garner more sales.

Be Where Mobile and Micro-Moments Merge

Mobile helps businesses and brands meet their customers and customers-to-be when they reach out during their busy day. This place is found in the confluence of mobile and human activity, in the brief, purpose-filled “I-want-to” times that Google defines as Micro-Moments. Because mobile is about meeting needs, this focus creates a win-win for all parties involved.

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It’s easy to download “Making the Most of the Mobile Experience”. Click, read and start taking the necessary steps to put more focus on mobile marketing.

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