If you manage a Facebook Page, you may have noticed that the latest update gives business owners more control over their social media presence. Facebook recently rolled out a new update that offers suggested Page templates for different types of businesses, including professional services, stores, and restaurants.

In each case, the templates are designed to emphasize the tabs that matter most to the business’s target audience. The update allows businesses to customize how their Page looks to fans, easily rearrange sidebar tabs, and – hopefully – improve their conversion rate.

How Does This Update Benefit Local Business Owners?

facebook-page-new-templatesThe tabs placed at the top of your Facebook Page will be seen first by potential customers. This means that local businesses can decide what information they want consumers to see when they’re browsing at home or out shopping and ready to make a purchase.

Facebook’s new Page templates provide local businesses with the following benefits:

  • Better control over their online presence
  • Ability to emphasize details that matter most to local customers
  • Option to place the map closer to the top of the page
  • A more defined Facebook presence that can lead to more fans, engagement, and reviews

Plus, a customized layout can lead to faster information consumption on mobile. For instance, local businesses can choose to move the About tab higher to boost the visibility of their location details and map to make it easier for mobile customers to find their physical store location.

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Choose from 7 Facebook Page Templates for Different Business Types

Facebook designed six new templates for specific industries and business categories, in addition to the original default layout. The goal is to make it easier for businesses to get the right type of visibility by highlighting content that their fans and customers care about most. Let’s take a closer look at each of the seven templates offered by Facebook.

1. Standard

This is the default layout for all Facebook Pages. As the most generic option, the Standard layout includes six tabs that can apply to all businesses: Home, Posts, Videos, Photos, About, and Likes.

If you decide to stick with the Standard layout, remember that it’s still possible to rearrange the order of the tabs or add extra sections to support your business – such as Events or Notes.

2. Shopping

facebook-templates-shopping-viewThis template allows retailers to show off their merchandise and encourage online shopping. Customers want quick access to up-to-date sales, product news, and recent activity, which is why the Posts tab is situated at the top of the layout. The handy Shop tab can be used to feature specific products and deals.

If you manage a business that could benefit from the Shopping template, remember to keep your Facebook Page active with frequent posts and incorporate visual content whenever possible. Sharing videos and photos that showcase new or popular products can boost sales, foster user engagement, and attract new fans to your Page.

3. Venues

The Venues template focuses on upcoming events, followed by location details in the About tab and visual content in the form of videos and pictures.

It’s important to ensure venue hours and event details are accurate online, especially since the primary button on this layout encourages consumers to ‘Learn More’ rather than contact the business directly.

4. Gaming

Although the Gaming layout contains similar elements to the Standard template, it prioritizes videos and photos over recent posts – and for good reason. Most games are best showcased using videos to get consumers’ attention and inspire them to download or start playing.

This layout also includes a tab to allow people to find and connect with other fans, which can help develop a stronger community around the game.

5. Politicians

Since public figures use Facebook to connect with their communities on a local and national level, the primary button on this template allows the public to send a message to the Page manager.

This is the only layout that  includes a Notes tab as the default, so politicians should take advantage of the opportunity to share in-depth comments with their supporters and provide context about their stance on more complex matters.

6. Professional services

facebook-pages-professional-servicesProfessionals can use this detailed layout to better highlight the services they provide and encourage potential customers to contact them. The primary call to action is to phone the business and there are a variety of tabs included to help sell the services.

We recommend making use of each of the suggested tabs in this template so consumers have access to all the information they need. Start by telling people what you offer and then allow them to shop directly from your Facebook Page. Show off your products or examples of your work with high-quality images and videos. The layout also includes a Shop tab and a place to share information about upcoming events.

7. Restaurants and Cafes

facebook-restaurant-template-viewIn addition to food quality and cost, the most important factors to restaurant and café patrons are the menu, hours, and location. This layout prioritizes photos above all other tabs, which gives restaurant owners the opportunity to show off their most attractive dishes and menu details.

If you manage a Facebook Page for a restaurant or café, be sure to upload lots of high-quality, relevant images of the food and décor to serve as the focal point of the Page. Encourage fans to upload their own photos for an even more visually-appealing social presence.

How to View and Edit a Business’s Facebook Page Template


To access the new templates, go to the business’s Facebook Page and click ‘Manage Tabs’ on the left-hand side. Under the ‘Edit Page’ tab, you’ll be presented with options for adjusting the Page layout. If it’s your first time selecting a new template, the current layout will be set to Standard.

Next, click ‘Edit’ on the right and choose from any of the seven pre-set layouts to learn more about them. You can view any of the templates without updating the Page and your customers won’t see the new layout until you confirm that you want to apply it.

Customize Page Templates to Better Serve the Business

Once you’ve chosen a template and applied it to the Facebook Page, it’s easy to further customize the layout. Simply scroll down to view your tabs and then drag and drop the tabs to rearrange their order in the sidebar or click ‘Add a Tab’ at the bottom of the page to insert items that aren’t part of the original template.


Moving things around will override the use of default tabs, so you’ll see that option switch to the ‘off’ position. Although the layouts can easily be rearranged as needed, Facebook does suggest using the recommended tabs included in each template to experience the most success for your Page type. Any additional tabs you’ve added to the page, such as YouTube, will remain available but be displayed in a different layout.

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So now that Facebook has created the new templates for Pages, are you going to put them to use?

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