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Creating a custom branded mobile app is an easy and effective way for businesses to connect with consumers. The tricky part is encouraging consumers to engage for longer, more frequent in-app sessions that lead to more conversions – and mobile analytics play a crucial role in overcoming this challenge.

When it comes to getting the most value out of a branded mobile app, it’s important to track consumer behaviors to figure out what updates or design changes could improve the user experience. Mobile analytics help businesses understand how customers interact with their app and can reveal trends or highlight common issues that might hinder the app’s potential to boost engagement and drive sales.

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Six Mobile Analytics Brands Need to Track


The number of downloads an app receives is important for several reasons. Obviously, the more consumers who choose to make space for the app on their phone, the better it is for the businesses. Getting a large amount of downloads confirms both that your App Store marketing is effective and that consumers believe the app can provide value. You can also use the number of downloads as a benchmark when looking at what percentage of downloads turn into regular users. Additionally, more downloads can increase visibility by boosting App Store ranking.

2. Daily Active Users

In most cases, whether or not consumers actually open the app on a regular basis is more important than how many times it gets downloaded. Millions of downloads won’t do a brand any good if none of those customers engage with their app once it’s installed on their phones. The number of daily active users is an important metric that tells businesses if people are consistently finding value in the app. Whenever changes or updates are launches, keep a close eye on daily actives to see if the numbers are affected positively or negatively.

3. Session Length

We know that 90% of all mobile screen-time is spent in apps, but how do businesses ensure they earn a good portion of that percentage? Brands should track how long consumers spend in their app along with the various factors that might influence session length. For instance, is there a time of day, type of push notification, or other element that correlates with longer in-app sessions? By looking at how long the average consumer remains in the app, businesses can uncover customer insights that lead to app improvements and help keep consumers paying attention for longer.

4. Retention

Retention is one of the most important metrics to track in apps of any type. It measures the percentage of consumers who stick around to become long-term active users. Retention looks at how many consumers have downloaded the app, how many keep coming back, and the drop-off rate in daily active and monthly active users. Businesses should keep a particularly close eye on retention when updates are released to find out what improvements are working to bring users back again.

5. Push Notification Opens & Opt-Outs

For businesses struggling with app retention, push notifications can help improve engagement. Whether by sending a friendly reminder to consumers who haven’t visited the app lately or alerting all users to a one-day sale they should take advantage of ASAP, push notifications can drive app engagement and business profits. However, sending too many can lead to more users opting-out of receiving future notifications from the app. Tracking notification opens and opt-outs allows a business to make any necessary changes to its push notification strategy before it’s too late.

6. Conversion Rate

A branded app should be designed with a specific purpose in mind – whether it’s making sales, collecting customer feedback, or motivating users to collect rewards points. Looking at how consumers interact with the app can help the business recognize where the user experience is lacking and what can be improved to encourage users to take a specific action. Whatever the end-goal of the brand’s app, make sure there are metrics in place to track how the conversion rate changes over time and what can be done to keep it in the green.

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