Store Locator and Location Landing Pages Guide

Multi-location brands and businesses have their share of challenges that come with managing the online presence of multiple locations, from rogue social media accounts to duplicate listings, listings with incorrect NAP data (name, address, phone number), and the occasional location that decides to do their own thing without corporate or franchise approval.

At Advice Local, we make things easy for our partners to understand and implement, to better serve their customers. Download our guide, “Putting Multi-Location Businesses on the Map: A Guide to Store Locators and Location Landing Pages,” and let’s get started!

It’s All About the Data – Accurate Location Data

When consumers search for a product, service or brand, the reasons behind it span everything from “fun stuff” and life’s usual tasks to even an emergency. There’s always a component of need in any consumer search – and that’s where search and the ability to find what they’re looking for impacts brands. This holds especially true when looking for the closest location, hours of operation, a phone number or directions.

Consider this: “Is it an emergency of sorts for a business location if a consumer can’t find the correct information, or can’t find a location at all?” Absolutely! Because when the consumer fails to get what they want when they need it – perhaps by ringing a defunct number, arriving at a closed location, or just plain getting lost, they lose trust. Here’s a few stats to back up this up:

  • 73% lose trust in businesses that exhibit inconsistent location details
  • 67% of those who get lost going to locations lose trust in the brand

50% of the local searches taking place via mobile deliver an in-store visit or phone call within one day. Businesses and brands that display accuracy and consistency will be rewarded by the consumer with trade – and trust.

Along with high-quality and accurate directory listings, store locators and location landing pages are tools that help build and maintain consumer trust in businesses and brands. That is exactly where our store locator product and this guide come into play.

Advice Locator Pages Made Easy

Our guide, “Putting Multi-Location Businesses on the Map: A Guide to Store Locators and Location Landing Pages,” meets this need.

Download the guide today and dive into:

  • Challenges facing multi-location businesses
  • The WHAT and WHY of a quality store locator
  • Must-have components of location landing pages
  • Those super-important mobile shoppers

We Didn’t Forget Mobile

We couldn’t have a guide (or product for that matter) that didn’t address the needs of mobile shoppers. Our guide explores the requirements necessary to engage consumers on mobile, including:

  • What mobile location landing pages must feature
  • Integration of buttons like Click-to-Call and Click-for-Directions
  • Location-specific coupons, and much more

Remember, just like on the big screen, on the small screen appearance and accuracy is paramount.

Our guide and our Advice Locator Pages product help multi-location businesses and brands bring it all together – location data, local, search, and mobile.

Are you ready? Download our guide today and let’s get started!

Store Locator and Location Landing Page Guide

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