How listing management delivers results

Last week we detailed some best practices for writing business listing descriptions. This week it’s time to take a closer look at how listing management works.

Improving Search Visibility With Listing Management

While we’ve talked extensively about the importance of citations and listing management in recent months, we’ve spent far less time on just how the process delivers results for local businesses.

To put it simply, a citation is a mention of a business’ name online or offline. Ideally, the citation will include the business’ address and phone number when online. It’s even better if the citation includes other information like opening hours, media and services. Online these citations appear most often on a business directory, review site, mapping app or social media platform. These citations, also known as business listings in online directories, can help a business build trust.

Getting a local business listed on Google, Facebook, Yelp, Bing or any other site isn’t too difficult. However, remember that the difference between getting listed on these popular platforms alone versus adding an additional 40 or more directories is quite significant. And this is why agencies look to Advice Local as their listing management provider.

Once these business listings have been created, to hold long-term effectiveness they must also be maintained. So what’s the solution to this problem? Exactly – it’s listing management.

The Role of Data Amplification With Business Listings

Submitting to the most important directories, data aggregators and mapping apps plays a key role in building authority for businesses. To really get traction, this process must be accomplished through a dedicated solution.

Google understands the impact of inaccurate or irrelevant search results for consumers. By gaining a large number of citations on credible platforms using accurate data, you signal to search engines (including Google) that you have authority within your industry. BrightLocal’s 2021 Business Listing Trust Report revealed that 63% of consumers wouldn’t use a business if the listing contained incorrect information. It’s most definitely a fact – citation volume, consistency and authority are key factors in determining trust.

Through a listing management solution like Advice Local provides, NAP data is submitted to a network of trusted sites. These sources themselves have their own network of platforms that trust them for accurate listings. So when a trusted source has vouched for your business client’s listing, countless others will use the data, including Apple Maps and other popular platforms. This is the essence of data amplification.

An Overview of Advice Local’s Data Amplifier Network

  • Data aggregators – Platforms like Data Axle and Foursquare collect and distribute business data to a wide range of sources like Google Maps, in-dash navigation apps and search providers.
  • Data accelerators – Bing, YP, Yelp and other accelerators provide data for apps, wearables, virtual assistants and other innovative technology.
  • Data enhancers – Focusing on directories that other directories trust (Chamber of Commerce and Judy’s Book for example) is very powerful.
  • Additional GPS accelerators & mapping apps – Submission to in-dash navigation systems, GPS devices like TomTom, plus mapping apps like Waze must be included.
  • Vertical directories – These are dedicated directories for specific industries like healthcare and legal.

Accessing such a broad cross-section of directories, maps, voice search platforms and more is clearly impossible without a dedicated service. However, data submissions are not without their problems. For example, amplifying business data when the NAP information is wrong will quickly erode trust. Inevitably, conflicting data provides a poor user experience for consumers, and may also harm your chances of search visibility.

Fortunately, this issue is easily avoided with careful management of your clients’ listings. Rather than treating listing management as a one-time thing, address it as an ongoing process. Does a client need to change their address? Did you discover inaccurate NAP details? All of these issues can be resolved with our business listings solution.

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