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We’re talking EAT once again, and this time sharing data showing how one of our Advice Local partners applied EAT to help a local business to place more often in search and maps.

If you have been following our blog for the last several months, I have taken you into a deep dive of Google EAT as it relates to a business’ Google My Business listing. Many of the Google My Business features available within our dashboard for Advice Local partners – such as the Google Authority Score – are exclusive to us.

Today I going to explore expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness (EAT). One of our Advice Local partners has been implementing EAT on their client’s Google My Business (GMB) listing and using our Google My Business tool to accomplish it. They have kindly shared the results with us, so I can share them with you.

If you want to skip the case study and get right to how to apply EAT for your local business clients, here is an infographic that shows how. We also have an in-depth guide for even more on it too.

A Case Study on EAT in Relation to a Google My Business Listing

For background, this Advice Local partner started using our Google My Business posting tool on November 11, 2020 to schedule out Google My Business posts and photos to their clients’ Google My Business listings. I’ll share the results for one particular business with you below.

Please note, this business location was already getting GMB posts published manually to their listing, so they have been getting views on maps and in search all along.

The Data on Google My Business Posts in Correlation to Map and Search Views

Using our GMB tool starting on November 11, this partner began scheduling Google My Business posts to publish approximately once every 2 ½ weeks. On December 15, they switched to publishing every Tuesday.

The publish dates for the GMB posts using our tool are: November 11, November 24, December 15, December 22, December 29, January 5, January 12, January 19, January 26 and February 1.

Google My Business - Search & Map Views Example

Once the partner started publishing a GMB post every week using our tool, there was a clear spike in search and map views. Here are a few of the most notable view stats in correlation to the day a new GMB post was published, and the day after.

  • December 16 they received 51 combined views
  • December 18 they received 33 combined views
  • December 22 they received 22 combined views
  • December 29 they received 19 combined views
  • December 30 they received 48 combined views
  • January 5 they received 31 views on maps
  • January 6 they received 31 combined views
  • January 7 they received 41 combined views
  • January 12 they received 40 combined views
  • January 13 they received 47 combined views
  • January 19 they received 32 combined views
  • January 20 they received 38 combined views
  • January 26 they received 49 combined views
  • January 27 they received 49 combined views

Notice that as they started publishing GMB posts more often, the view spikes spanned multiple days instead of only a few. Also, once they started publishing every week, the views maintained at a higher level than before doing this. There was a clear dip in views on maps and search around holidays, and this would be expected.

Take a Look at Photos Views on the Google My Business Listing

They didn’t have as many photos to publish for this client, so the photo uploads varied in days and times. They scheduled the EXIF data-optimized images within our Google My Business tool to start publishing on December 14.

Google My Business Photo Views Example

The photo view spikes started with the publishing of the first photo on December 14, and has continued ever since. The photos were published on December 14, December 21, December 28, January 4 and January 11.

The day the first photo was published they received 79 photo views and on December 16 they received 171 photo views. Here’s some additional data in correlation to when each photo was published.

  • December 21 they received 69 photo views
  • December 28 they received 40 photo views
  • December 30 they received 81 photo views
  • January 5 they received 106 photo views
  • January 13 they received 83 photo views

You’ll notice there was a drop and even a delay in the photo views for those published right before Christmas and before New Year’s Day. And yes, this is due to the holidays.

While they haven’t published any more photos on this listing since January 11, they are still seeing a clear spike in photos views.

  • January 18 they received 71 photo views
  • January 28 they received 58 photo views
  • January 24 through January 26, an average of 45 views each day
  • February 1 they received 71 photo views

To publish these EXIF data-optimized photos on the business’ listing manually, the partner would have had to add the EXIF data individually to each image – and log into the business’ GMB listing 5 separate times. This would have taken them an estimated 30 minutes to publish each image.

Since the client has 5 locations, this partner used our tool to publish the same image across 5 Google My Business listings. And yes – they are seeing a clear spike in results for all 5 locations.

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The Visibility Results for This Google My Business Listing

With our Google My Business tool this partner spent less than an hour scheduling 10 Google My Business posts to publish across 5 Google My Business listings. Doing this manually would have taken at least 15 minutes per location per post. Additionally, this partner spent less than 15 minutes scheduling the images to publish across 5 Google My Business listings, each image automatically EXIF data-optimized to the respective location. They have greatly improved this business’ local visibility – and spent less than 1 hour doing it.

As you can see, our Enhanced Google My Business Tool is getting results for this partner. They have a happy client, which ensures this client will keep coming back to them. We can help you achieve these types of results for your clients, too. Request a demo today to learn more.


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