The Value of Optimizing a Google My Business Listing – Data Included

With competition in Google Maps being so stiff, it’s important that you continually keep a close eye on your clients’ Google My Business (GMB) listings.

Answer These Google My Business Questions

  • How often are you auditing your clients’ GMB listings?
  • What about studying the Insights data available within the GMB listing?
  • Are services present on each client’s GMB listing?
  • Are products added to each client’s GMB listing?
  • Are you publishing GMB posts on a minimum of a monthly basis for each client?
  • Are you adding photos to the client’s GMB listing?

We’ve been sharing a lot of information lately about why you need to use each of these features. This Google My Business case study shows how adding a GMB post weekly (and images periodically) have increased the map and search views for this business.

Adding Products to a Google My Business Listing Can Increase Map & Search Views

Do you know how important it is to add products and services to a GMB listing? This Advice Local agency partner shared their data with us on how adding products and services to a client’s business listing has improved the map and search views.

GMB Products Optimization Data Example

As you can see in the image above, on December 8th – the highest point prior to the GMB optimization – the business received 6 map views and 36 search views. For background, this business became a client of the Advice Local partner on December 15, 2020. The agency immediately went to work optimizing the business’ Google My Business listing on that same day.

On December 19, the map views went up to 35 and on December 20, it went up to 52 map views and 5 search views. The views took a dip during the holiday weeks, which is expected. But since the optimization that started taking place on December 15, both the map and search views have maintained at a higher level.

On January 25 the partner agency added products to the business’ GMB listing, and on January 27 the map views went up to 55 and search views went up to 31. So since products have been added, this GMB listing is now getting more views in both search and maps. On February 26, another high point, the business’ GMB listing received 36 map views and 64 search views. We wanted to share this data to demonstrate to you the importance of having each component of a Google My Business listing optimized.

The agency partner isn’t publishing Google My Business posts and images on the listing just yet. Using our Google My Business tool they will be starting that in the coming weeks. The map views and search views should start seeing an even higher spike, and also maintaining views at a consistent level once they roll that out. We’ll share this data with you in a couple of months to demonstrate the increase.

Using Google My Business Insights Data to Measure Success

All of the data we shared with you above is available through Google My Business Insights, and it can be extremely powerful in demonstrating to your clients exactly why having you manage their Google My Business listing is important. It’s also a great way to demonstrate the value proposition of paying for additional services you offer, such as adding EXIF-data optimized images and Google My Business posts.

However, understand that through the current Google My Business Insights you can only get access to a quarter’s worth of data (unfortunately).

GMB Insights Quarter Data Example

Google is rolling out a new view which allows for 6 months of data, but this isn’t always enough to really demonstrate success either. And here’s something you may not be aware of – through our Google My Business tool you can get access to 18 months of historical data. Now this is some powerful data you can use to demonstrate long-term success to your clients!

As a refresher, through our Google My Business tool you can:

  • Schedule GMB posts
  • Schedule EXIF-data optimized images
  • Add, monitor and respond to Google Questions and Answers
  • Monitor and respond to reviews
  • Access 18 months of historical insights data

In addition, if you are syncing your clients’ Google My Business listings in your Advice Local partner dashboard, we have premium settings such as being able to auto-reject public edits, use our Google Authority Score to see how well your clients’ Google My Business listings are performing in Google Maps – and much more.

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Are You Ready to Take Google My Business Optimization to the Next Level?

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