Why Data Enhancers Are Integral to Local Presence Management

Last week we looked at Google’s attempts to win over Gen Z with their new Maps updates. This week we’re focusing on data enhancers and how they can help your local business clients.

Data Enhancers – The Smart Approach to Directory Listing Management

When it comes to the importance of business listings, opinions can certainly be divided. While almost all marketers and agencies agree that citations are required, just how much they should be prioritized is up for debate.

We’ve previously discussed how high-quality, accurate and updated listings play a major role in local pack listings. Google themselves hints at this when discussing the three major ranking factors – relevance, proximity and prominence. To determine prominence, Google suggests they use elements like trusted directories and reviews from across the web.

And that brings us to the topic of data enhancers. Directories that get consistent traffic and maintain high standards can be considered data enhancers. Frequently, when people discuss directories they are actually referring to low-quality, spam-filled sites that will not help a business with local search prominence at all.

In contrast, data enhancers like Judy’s Book, Brownbook, BubbleLife, Yellow Pages, Hotfrog and eLocal have higher domain authority, real users – and methods in place to minimize spam. You can see the full list of Advice Local data enhancers here.

Data enhancers offer a range of benefits for a local business trying to reach customers and improve search visibility. Some of the benefits include:

  • Targeted traffic.
  • Reputation building and consumer trust.
  • Increases local visibility in search results.
  • Connects consumers and businesses.
  • Promote offers and events.

Judy’s Book is a fine example of the type of directory that really counts. Described as a social search tool, Judy’s Book maintains high standards that prevent the decline often associated with lower-quality directories.

And crucially, Judy’s Book is also a data amplifier, meaning that businesses listed in this directory can have their data syndicated to a wider network of directories. This amplification ensures local businesses reach more consumers. Best of all, every business submitted through Advice Local’s business listing management partner solution gets a premium Judy’s Book listing for free. This benefit comes with additional features such as ad impressions on the free listings that are on Judy’s Book.

The Characteristics of a Quality Directory

So what should you look for in a quality directory? At Advice Local, we have our own methods for analyzing each site. Some crucial factors to look for include:

  • An authoritative domain with brand recognition.
  • An SEO-optimized and mobile-friendly website.
  • Location-based features to encourage discoverability.
  • Clear and user-friendly categories.
  • Spam-free listings.

When a platform has these characteristics it is likely to be an effective tool to increase local visibility for a business.

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Access the Advice Local Data Amplifier Network

When you want the fastest, easiest approach to distributing your clients’ location data where it counts, Advice Local can help. We have a comprehensive list of data enhancers, amplifiers and other local presence management services within our dashboard. Try it today – request a demo now by calling (214) 310-1356.

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