Data Aggregators and the Power of Business Data Distribution

Last week we looked at data enhancers and the characteristics of high-quality directories. This week we’re focusing on another critical component of a data amplifier network – data aggregators.

Data Aggregators and the Local Search Ecosystem

From search engines and social media platforms to in-car navigation systems and mobile apps, the local search ecosystem is reliant on data. But how can you help local businesses ensure their business data is present on the ever-expanding collection of publishing platforms? And how is it possible to maintain accuracy on so many diverse sites, apps and systems?

If you’ve been following us for a while you know it already – the answer is data aggregators. Data aggregator access is one of the many features available within our listing management solution, one that helps our agency partners and local marketers just like you better serve their local business clients. Let’s cover data aggregators in more detail right now.

What Are Data Aggregators?

Data aggregators are platforms that collect, clean up and distribute name, address and phone number (NAP) details and other data to search engines, directories, review sites, apps and other publishers.

Search engines and other providers benefit greatly from a data aggregator, as they can access a substantial database of accurate business information. Platforms like Google Maps, Apple Maps, Bing and others rely on data aggregators to source precise listing details for their users.

Think about the frustration a search engine user experiences when visiting a business, only to find it’s closed. And what about a navigation system that directs you to a store… a store that has just moved to a new location? These issues highlight the importance of reliable data sources and emphasize the value of a data aggregator.

But What About the Benefits of Data Aggregators for the Business Itself?

Well, if you’ve ever engaged in manual citation building, the obvious benefits for any business are pretty straightforward.

  • Time – Manually adding citations to hundreds of platforms is a considerable task, and not the wisest use of your resources.
  • Accuracy – Adding each individual listing will inevitably lead to some mistakes along the way.
  • Discovery – Businesses must be accessible to potential customers, and comprehensive citation building makes this possible.

A Closer Look at the Big 4 Data Aggregators

At Advice Local, we include four data aggregators within our data amplifier network. These services are actually data amplifiers, as a single submission leads to syndication to hundreds of additional sources.

Data Axle

Data Axle (formerly Infogroup) operates a database of 16.7 million U.S. businesses. Data Axle collects an impressive level of information for each company, with 400 data attributes such as NAP, hours of operation, number of employees, online presence and more. This data gets distributed to the main search engines, 85% of large public libraries, plus many in-car navigation services.


Localeze has built partnerships with many leading directories, mobile apps, search engines and other platforms. Small businesses and large enterprises can submit listing information to over 100 platforms using True Identity™. This service ensures any business updates are simultaneously distributed to each platform in the network to prevent data discrepancies.


Foursquare is one of the most trusted data aggregators with over 400 integrations, including Apple, Samsung, Facebook and Twitter. Foursquare and Factual actually merged in 2020, taking their location-based services to the next level. Counting over 14 billion check-ins to local businesses and 500 million unique devices, the Foursquare network delivers accurate data to voice assistants, mapping apps, social media platforms and more. has built a database of over 490 million domains, and is trusted by clients like Google, PayPal and GoDaddy. Listings include 200 unique variables that range from business details to technical specifications. With one of the largest directories available, also delivers near real-time updates.

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Data Aggregator Services From Advice Local

Advice Local helps agencies and marketers submit clients’ location data with our data amplifier network. Access our data aggregator, enhancer and accelerator partners from a single dashboard. Request a demo today to learn how by calling (214) 310-1356.

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