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While most businesses have heard of Google’s E-A-T (expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness), they may not know how to apply it effectively to their content marketing efforts. This is exactly why we created our newest download, Applying E-A-T to a Google My Business Listing.

The first step is to understand that E-A-T is not one thing. E-A-T is three individual components that work together as one. Individually developing each component – expertise, authority, and trustworthiness – ensures they will work together to ultimately increase a business’ authority with Google’s search engines.

As we explore E-A-T within this guide, you’ll learn how to apply it to a business’ GMB listing and how to leverage the Google Authority Score (GAS) in the process. GAS helps a business understand the trust that both Google and consumers have in a business’ Google My Business listing. The more trust Google has in the business, the more the business listing can appear in the local pack and maps for consumer searches. This will result in increased traffic to the business, the business’ website – and ultimately increased sales.

How to Build Authority With Google

Telling consumers that a business is an authority does not make it true in Google’s eyes. The business has to build that authority by also building expertise and trustworthiness. Authority requires expertise, and trust requires both authority and expertise. Again, they work together rather than independently of each other.

Start by building expertise using the steps outlined in our guide. This leads to developing authority, which leads to building trust. As each component grows, so does the Google Authority Score. As the Google Authority Score grows, so does the online visibility of a Google My Business listing.

In our how-to guide you will learn:

  • How to build expertise
  • The importance of authoritativeness and how it relates to Google My Business
  • Tips to build long-term authority
  • How to demonstrate trustworthiness online
  • How the Google Authority Score is calculated
  • Why the Google Authority Score is important to a business

Our guide, Applying E-A-T to a Google My Business Listing, shares the information and steps necessary to take a Google My Business listing to the next level and more. Download Applying E-A-T to a Google My Business Listing now and start building the Google Authority Score for your local business clients!

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