Apple Maps Gets an Upgrade – We Have You Covered

Apple Maps is stepping up their game. As you may recall at the beginning of September, I talked with you about Apple Maps adding reviews for businesses. Since that time those in the digital marketing industry have been speculating about what Apple will be doing next to improve their maps experience. In this community we share a common concern – how is Apple Maps going to impact local businesses?

Last week one of our team members received an email from Apple that said: “Now there’s more to Maps than just maps.”

All right, what does Apple mean by this statement? What else do they have in store for us in the future? Is Apple positioning themselves to become a real competitor to Google Maps? These are just a few thoughts that we’re considering here at Advice.

Apple Maps is focused on providing a better user experience for all their map users. This is great news for us. This means we can further enhance the experience we provide for our partners, so they can better support the local businesses and brands they represent.

We include distributing to Apple Maps for all of the local businesses listed in our solution. This makes it extremely important for us to understand how these changes can impact our partners. Providing the best solutions for our agency and brand partners is always top of mind at Advice Local.

Here’s What We Know About Apple Maps So Far

  • Businesses on Apple Maps can get reviews.
  • Apple Maps provides turn-by-turn spoken directions whether you are walking, driving or cycling. They even have integrated features for cyclists that work in conjunction with the Apple Watch.
  • They have updated the navigation interface so that it alerts the user of speed cameras, red-light cameras and traffic ahead of time. You can see on the map view where these cameras actually are.
  • Privacy is paramount, as you all know. Apple is ensuring that their map users’ information is not connected to their personal identity. Randomized identifiers are used for the search terms you use, routes you take and so on.
  • Walking through the airport or shopping mall is going to be so much easier with Indoor Maps.
  • They have added Guides to Apple Maps. Sound familiar? Google calls them Local Guides. These Guides can recommend their favorite places. You can even create your own personal Guides and share them with friends and family.

There’s actually a lot more to the update – we have featured the top points here. Check them all out on Apple’s website.

Why You Should Care About Apple Maps

Statista estimates that by 2021 there will be 110 million iPhone users in the United States. For those who don’t know, Apple Maps is the default mapping app on the iPhone. This is a lot of people using their smartphone to get directions to your clients’ businesses. Imagine how many searches take place each day for “restaurants near me.” Since voice assistant usage is on the rise, Siri is going to be offering answers based on Apple Maps – and giving directions from it too.

Are your local business clients listed on Apple Maps? Is the information listed on Apple Maps accurate? The fact is no one likes to get lost driving somewhere.

Back in 2014 Search Engine Watch shared that 73% of customers said they would lose trust in a business if they find inaccurate information online, and 67% lose trust if they get lost en route. It’s 2020, so you can bet these stats would be the same today, if not higher.

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What Actions Can You Take?

There’s a simple answer at hand – partner with Advice Local. We distribute to the most popular mapping apps, in-dash navigation solutions and GPS devices. Waze, Apple Maps, TomTom and Garmin are included at no additional charge. Plus, we actually include more than 80 GPS Mapping Accelerators.

Request a demo today – you’ll learn all about our listing management solution which includes the top directories, data aggregators, mapping apps, voice search and more.

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