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What are you doing in 2021 to better help your local business clients? We accomplished a lot at Advice Local in 2020 to make it easier for our agency & local marketing partners to help their clients get found in Google Maps and organic search.

Advice Local’s 2020 Year in Review

Today we would like to do a 2020 Year in Review with you.

1. Breakthrough Voice Profile Technology Is Now Available on Judy’s Book

Each business listed in Advice Local’s technology has all of the following applied to their business’ listing on Judy’s Book in real time – and it’s all done automatically.

  • Local Business Schema
  • Review Schema
  • FAQ Schema
  • Speakable Schema

2. First-Class Conversational Voice App Technology Is Now Available

For platform partners, this technology integration is available in your partner dashboard. You can create a voice app for any active business listing within our technology.

  • Using the business’ information in our technology, we’ll create a list of frequently asked questions and answers.
  • Features such as adding a Welcome Message, Help Message and Exit Message are options also.

Once finished completing the app information, you simply place the order. Get more details on our voice app technology here.

3. Add Markup That Voice Assistants Love to a Local Business Website

Within the Advice Local dashboard, for each business’ active listing, there is a section entitled Voice Search Data. Within this section a JSON-LD script is available for copying & adding to the business’ website. This enables voice assistants to answer frequently asked questions about the business in voice queries. And here’s more on adding Local Schema, FAQ Schema and Speakable Schema to your clients’ websites.

4. Winning With Voice Search – Tips & Tricks Download

Voice search is more important than ever. Statista estimates that more than 8 billion voice assistants will be in use by 2023. This download, Winning With Voice Search, walks you through how to make this information available to voice assistants – and in a format they can understand.

5. Google My Business Management Just Got Easier

Our Enhanced Google My Business tool makes it easier for you to manage multiple Google My Business listings from a single dashboard. Through our tool you can schedule GMB posts, upload images that include EXIF data to the GMB listing, add questions & answers, respond to reviews, access 18 months of historical insights data and more.

6. Google My Business Sync Keeps Your Client’s Listing Up-to-Date

Google My Business Sync (or GMB Sync) is available for all partners through the dashboard. We do not require the use of our GMB Claiming service to access this feature. You can easily update the GMB listing information through our dashboard or simply sync the data to our listing management solution to monitor it. GMB Sync makes it easy to keep your client’s Google My Business listing up-to-date.

7. Advice Local Introduces the Google Authority Score

Advice Local has developed an algorithm called the Google Authority Score (GAS) which is available to our partners exclusively. This score calculates how well a business’ Google My Business listing is performing in Google Maps. The score is calculated based on the usage of the features within a business’ GMB listing.

8. Get the Secrets to Increasing a Business’ Online Authority

Google’s E-A-T (expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness) is a component of how Google directs its Search Quality Raters to evaluate a website’s content. Our newest download, Applying E-A-T to a Google My Business Listing, walks the reader through how to apply E-A-T to a business’ Google My Business listing to help it appear more often in the Local Map Pack, also referred to as Google Maps.

But Wait, There’s More to What Advice Local Has Accomplished in 2020

Above, we’ve summarized the most impactful moments that are helping our partners to better serve their local business, service area businesses and brand clients. Some of our additional accomplishments include:

  • Welcoming new directories and data providers into our network
  • Upgrading our API connections so we can share a business’ attributes beyond the name, address & phone number (NAP)
  • Switching some directories from an API partner connection to a direct API connection

The future is bright for local businesses. It’s important that you have a partner that is providing best-in-class listing management & technology solutions.

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We have a solid 2021 roadmap, and we’ll be continuing to roll out new features and improvements to our technology over the coming months. If you haven’t taken a tour of our technology recently, it’s time to act. Request a demo today – you’ll be pleasantly pleased with our listing management solutions.


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