How to Apply EAT to a Google My Business Listing

Hopefully you have heard of Google EAT by now, but you may be wondering just how to effectively apply it to a Google My Business listing? Expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness (E-A-T) can be extremely powerful in helping a business to gain Google’s trust. Today I’ll walk you through understanding EAT at a high level, provide you with an important infographic which you can save and share with your team – and the opportunity to download our guide to learn even more about EAT.

Google EAT’s Role With a Google My Business Listing

According to a study completed by BrightLocal, the average business’ Google My Business listing is found 152 times in direct searches and 852 times in discovery searches, translating to discovery searches being 84% of total searches. This means that in search, consumers are more often looking for a product or service, and not a specific business. If a business wants to be “discovered” then it must understand how to apply expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness to their Google My Business (GMB) listing.

Here’s a brief explanation of EAT as it relates to a GMB listing:


Businesses can’t just tell people that they are experts in their field or industry, they have to prove it. Expertise means that a business is showing that it has a total knowledge of their product, service or skill – and this knowledge should be shown across multiple social media channels.


When consumers are looking for answers, they go to the business that is an authority in that area. To become the authority, a business needs to show that they are reliable and can be trusted, which comes through by maximizing the usage of features available within a Google My Business listing.


It can certainly be challenging to prove trustworthiness to both consumers and Google, but it can be done. To exude trustworthiness, all activity across every social media channel and anywhere online must be honest, transparent and real.

The action steps outlined in this infographic will lead a business to gain the trust of both Google and consumers.

Applying EAT to a Google My Business Listing Infographic

How to Apply Google EAT to a Google My Business Listing Infographic

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So now that you know businesses must have expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness – and got tips on how to add E-A-T to a Google My Business Listing – what will you do next?

The Google Authority Score Is Impactful

The Google Authority Score (GAS) created by Advice Local is an algorithm designed to help our partners to better understand how well the GMB listings they manage are performing in the local pack and Google Maps.

GAS is calculated based on the following factors:

  • Brand Influence
  • Engagement Visibility
  • Influence Velocity
  • Q/A Quality
  • Reputation Health

At Advice Local we started as an agency, and so we know exactly what’s involved in managing a business’ Google My Business listing. Today our clients are local marketers, agencies, brands and franchises. Our priority is providing superior listing management solutions and tools to help our partners better serve their clients.

The Google Authority Score is one of the features available to all our partners within the Advice Local dashboard.

Powerful Google My Business Tool

We can’t offer a score such as this without a tool to help our partners achieve the best results for their customers, which is why we offer our Enhanced Google My Business tool. This tool makes it super-simple to manage Google My Business listings for single location or multi-location businesses such as a franchise.

Some of the features of our Google My Business tool include:

  • Scheduling Google My Business posts
  • Publishing EXIF data-optimized images
  • Adding & answering Google Questions & Answers
  • Monitoring & responding to GMB reviews

And all of this can be completed from a single platform – instead of logging individually into each client’s Google My Business listing.

We Have a Google My Business Guide for You, Too

Just like we can’t give you a score without a tool, we can’t give you a tool without guidance on how to apply it – and its benefits! Download our guide, Applying E-A-T to a Google My Business Listing today. Whether you are an Advice Local partner or not, you’ll get actionable insights, examples, plus learn exactly how you can apply expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness to a Google My Business listing to help it appear more often in Google Maps.

If you are not a current Advice Local partner, or would like to get a behind-the-scenes look at our listing management technology, request a demo today.

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