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If you read our blog regularly, then you know I talk a lot about Google My Business. There are quite a few reasons for this, but today I want to discuss Google My Business Insights data with you.

For those of you that follow local search closely, you might have run across this jewel of a study from Joy Hawkins. She did a study comparing Google My Business (GMB) Insights data to Google Search Console data. Joy outlines quite a few discrepancies – and the very specific reasons for it. I recommend you check it out.

For instance, have you ever considered the following fact? While a business’ website might be placing high in search results for specific keywords, when it comes to their Google My Business listing, the keywords that help it to appear in search results are different.

Using Google My Business Insights Data to Plan Your Local SEO Strategy

How often do you dig into your clients’ search console data and then shift your local SEO strategy based on the information you uncover? Today we want to challenge you to also look into their GMB Insights data when making these decisions.

Example of GMB Insights Search Performance Data

Google My Business Insights Search Performance Data Is Powerful

  • Enables you to view how many searches triggered a specific business’ GMB listing to appear in maps
  • See what words and phrases people are searching to find a specific business’ GMB listing
  • Document whether the changes and updates you’ve been making to a specific business’ listing are helping
  • Develop future strategies that you’re going to take on the GMB listing, such as adding GMB posts on a specific topic

As you may recall, last month I shared a testimonial from one of our partners using our Google My Business tool to schedule GMB posts across a business’ multi-location listings. The client’s GMB listings were not surfacing in maps for a specific keyword phrase they wanted to surface for.

The partner started publishing GMB posts focused around these keywords with our tool. Using the location city tag allowed them to customize the post to each location, and within a few short weeks the GMB listing is now surfacing for those keywords in maps.

This is an excellent example of how using GMB Insights Search Performance data can help you to better help your local business clients, especially when you combine it with a powerful solution like our Google My Business tool.

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Partner With a Listing Management Company That Creates Tools to Help You

Now that you know a bit more about how you can use GMB Insights data to plan and develop local SEO strategies for your clients’ Google My Business listings, what’s next? I highly recommend that if you haven’t yet taken a look at our listing management solution – and all the features that are available along with it, such as our Enhanced Google My Business tool – the time to act is now.

Request a demo today – and get ready to kick off 2021 with the enthusiasm it deserves.

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