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Last week we looked at the big news that Google My Business has been rebranded as Google Business Profile. We shared exactly how to make sure your local business customers get found in Google’s local pack and maps. This week we’ve got a little more on this development, along with a whole lot more on listing management.

Google Solicits Support From Small Businesses

By now, we’ve all had some time to digest Google’s rebrand and get familiar with the new interface. One surprisingly prominent feature of the new Business Profile page relates to proposed legislation that could affect local businesses. Instead of initially prompting users to update their listings, Google chose to highlight the possible outcomes of legislation for businesses.

Mike Blumenthal looked into this new Google campaign with a skeptical eye. Aimed at possible antitrust regulations, Google wants businesses to know that legislation will make it harder to discover their listing – and they’re using the rebrand to get your attention.

While Google is busy trying to get a bit political, listing management is still proving itself to be valuable to local businesses.

Does Listing Management Really Make a Difference to Visibility in Search & Maps?

As Google and the other platforms continue to improve their services, other SEO strategies inevitably lose potency or do they? It is natural to question how much an agency should prioritize citations for local clients.

Well, a recent Moz study seems to make the case pretty clear – directory citations are essential. A total of 6,000 small businesses and enterprises were tracked over 13 months. Comparisons were made between businesses on the big four platforms (Google My Business, Facebook, Apple Maps and Bing) and those listed on the big four along with 10 or more other directories.

Results were conclusive – those syndicated to the wider network were featured in a significantly higher percentage of local packs. Results included direct search (89%), indirect search (77%), search view (65%) and maps view (91%).

Looking Beyond the Google Business Profile Is a Winning SEO Strategy

The Moz study highlights the importance of building and maintaining a wider network of directories. You may remember we discussed prioritizing all local business listings last month. Google frequently distracts from other platforms like Bing, Yelp and Nextdoor. But local marketers and agencies really add value to their clients when they consider the broader ecosystem of directories, mapping apps, data aggregators, voice assistants and more. And don’t forget the potential of niche and vertical directories.

Local Business Listings Must Be Created, Maintained and Accurate

We continue to return to the theme of accuracy when it comes to directory listings. But inaccurate data is a recurring aggravation amongst consumers. In fact, 63% of consumers wouldn’t use a business if they encountered incorrect information on a listing.

However, it is simply not feasible to manage an extended network of listings without automation. This extends beyond name, address and phone number (NAP) data to categories, products, images, attributes and more.

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A Real-Time Listing Management Solution Is What You Need

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