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Anyone familiar with local SEO and marketing will recognize the importance of local listing management. And you probably also know just how time-consuming that claiming, managing and updating listings can be. Fortunately there is a solution to this problem – local listing management software. Are you skeptical about putting your clients’ businesses in the hands of data syndication services? Then take a look at some of the benefits.

Main Benefits of Using Local Listing Management Software

An effective local listing strategy typically involves distributing accurate, consistent business data to a wide array of platforms. To achieve this goal you have two possibilities – the do-it-yourself approach or the done-for-you method. As you will see, partnering with an online listing management software provider usually makes the most sense.

Focus On High-Value Areas of Business

Submitting and managing local listings is undoubtedly a time-intensive process. And when bad data can cause incredible damage to a business’ SEO potential and reputation, there is an incentive to get each listing right. Using quality software lets you put your clients’ listings safely into reliable hands, allowing you to focus on high ROI activities.

Create Enhanced Business Listings

Citation submissions are essential to local SEO, but you must also consider the customers who are using the directory platforms. Users want to access pertinent business data to help them locate an address, find opening hours, see quality images and read reviews. Software ensures that every listing maintains the same high standards for each platform.

Reach Broader Audiences

We recently discussed how data accelerators help with local presence management. Among the benefits of using Advice Local’s Data Amplifier Network is the sheer number of distribution partners we work with. When you want to reach customers across every type of service and site, you really need access to a local listing management service.

Get Real-Time Updates

Manually adjusting existing listings every time a business makes changes is a substantial drain on your time and resources. In contrast, listing management software often uses real-time updates, maintaining consistency across the distribution network.

Maintain NAP Consistency

Google, Bing and other search engines naturally intend to deliver correct listings to their users. Yet we have witnessed (and frequently discussed) the damage done to local businesses caused by bad data in business listings. An inconsistent name, address and phone number (NAP) makes it hard to trust a business. Listing software resolves this issue by distributing from a single, accurate source.

Increase Search Engine Visibility

Citation submissions are one of the critical factors determining prominence in the local pack listings. And while Google emphasizes the business’ proximity to the searcher’s location, citations still influence search visibility.

Target the Expanding Voice Search Market

The rise of assistants like Alexa and Siri shows that local businesses need a clear voice search strategy. Crucially, voice search is used to research local companies and also to shop directly from mobile devices. With the help of listing management software, businesses can maintain voice search readiness across significant brands.

Take Advantage of GPS Platforms

Similarly, GPS business listings have grown in importance as more people look for businesses while on the move. However, there are so many in-dash navigation, mapping apps and GPS solutions that manual submission is less than practical.

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Access the Leading Local Listing Management Software

Advice Local works with agencies and local marketers and offers superior listing management software. To try out our listing management solution, Enhanced GBP Tool and other local presence management options, request a demo today or call (214) 310-1356.

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