How Data Accelerators Help With Local Presence Management

Last week we looked at the importance of Bing Places for local businesses. This week we’re taking a closer look at data accelerators.

Enhancing Local Presence With Data Accelerators

Real-world consumer decisions are increasingly driven by online research. In practice this means shoppers turn to search engines, directories, mapping apps and voice assistants before they consider visiting a store. So how can a local business ensure they turn up in all the places consumers are searching?

Well, at Advice Local we include data accelerators in our business listing distribution solution. Making up a core part of our Data Amplifier Network, data accelerators are high-level search engines, mapping platforms and local resources. Alongside the other data publishing platforms, data accelerators contribute to an integrated data distribution strategy.

A quick reminder – data amplifiers are platforms that distribute and publish business name, address and phone number (NAP) details, opening hours and other important information across the internet. When other data sources trust these data amplifiers, they use the business data they find there to populate their own sources, essentially amplifying the data.

Our Data Amplifier Network includes a comprehensive list of search engines, premium directories, navigation systems, vertical directories and more. By submitting to the network, optimized and accurate data is syndicated far and wide, adding to a business’ visibility.

The Data Accelerators That Deliver for Businesses

At Advice Local, we have curated a group of the best platforms and submit business data to them through our dashboard. The data accelerators we include are:

  • Apple Maps
  • Bing
  • Google
  • Superpages
  • DexKnows
  • YP
  • Yelp
  • MapQuest

By submitting optimized data to these platforms, potentially millions of users can find a business – along with related information like reviews, location data, opening times, even coupons and offers.

But the power of data accelerators doesn’t end there. Many data accelerators act simultaneously as data amplifiers, syndicating local business data to their partner sites.

Because other sites naturally trust platforms like Google, Bing and Apple Maps, a business gets its brand amplified with no additional work required. In addition, data accelerators can potentially be data enhancers (premium directories that maintain the highest standards). At Advice Local, we work only with the best directories, so a data enhancer submission is a citation local businesses will want to have.

Local Search Technology Is at Every User’s Fingertips – Your Clients Should Be Too

As you know by now, we keep an eye on the future of local presence management. We’ve been talking about voice search and other technologies for years, always working to future-proof our local presence solutions.

Examining search trends clearly illustrates why data accelerators matter. Wearables, mobile apps, smart houses and other emerging systems and devices will turn to search engines and other high-grade platforms for their data. By submitting, managing and maintaining your data, you ensure that businesses get found where it matters.

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