How to Grow a Business’ Local Presence With GPS Accelerators

Last week we discussed how data accelerators help with local presence management. This week we’re looking at the role of GPS accelerators for a business’ listing distribution.

GPS Accelerators and Their Role in the Local Search Ecosystem

Location-based searches have transformed the way local businesses promote themselves online. Back in 2016, Google revealed that almost one-third of all mobile searches were related to location. With the ubiquity of mobile devices today it’s probably safe to assume this figure has risen.

As the ways consumers find new businesses have changed, there’s a greater need to expand online visibility. Consumers search for nearby restaurants, stores, plumbers, mechanics and a whole host of other services before making a buying decision – based on proximity, reviews and other metrics.

As you will know, data amplifiers and data accelerators are at the core of this process. But more specifically, when it comes to ensuring that a client’s location is findable, GPS accelerators are your most valuable asset. GPS accelerators ensure that no matter the mapping app, GPS or in-dash navigation, a business will get found.

Reaching Consumers With GPS Accelerators

You may remember we discussed the importance of GPS accelerators not too long ago. We actually recommended the top five mapping apps and navigation solutions for local businesses. Yes, there’s a top five, but location-based searches take place across an even more broad array of platforms – which will only continue to increase.

At Advice Local, our data amplifier network includes the top data accelerators like Google, Bing and Apple Maps. However, we go well beyond that, utilizing the most popular GPS data accelerators in the industry.

GPS Solutions We Distribute Local Business Data To

We cover the significant manufacturers of GPS navigation systems such as:

  • Garmin
  • TomTom
  • Pioneer
  • Samsung

In-Dash Navigation Systems We Include for Business Listing Distribution

Next, we distribute data to in-dash navigation systems provided by brands like:

  • Audi
  • BMW
  • Fiat
  • Ford
  • General Motors
  • Mercedes
  • Toyota

Additional Mapping Apps We Include With Listings Management

Finally, we syndicate business data to mapping apps:

  • Here
  • Waze

By distributing your clients’ data to these platforms and many more, their vital data – name, address, phone number (NAP), opening hours – shows up for the consumers most likely to visit their locations.

How GPS Navigation and Mapping Apps Impact the Shopping Experience

It’s clear that GPS accelerators can submit business location data far and wide, but why is that important?

In brief, if a customer can’t find a business, how can they shop there? Beyond that, issues with bad data are magnified on navigation platforms. Consider the frustration of trying to find a store but finding it has moved – and this situation is more common than you’d imagine. According to the Business Listings Trust Report 2021, a study by BrightLocal revealed 85% of consumers found incorrect or incomplete information on a business listing in the last year.

And remember, the desire for location-specific data is quite likely to increase. Even in the last few years there’s been a growing demand for click-and-collect services, as Statista notes that 83% of consumers have tried a buy online, pickup in-store (BOPIS) service.

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Start Distributing Accurate and Accessible Business Data With GPS Accelerators

Businesses need to get their data to the GPS platforms that count – and Advice Local makes it possible, easily and quickly. To learn more about our data amplifier network and agency partner solutions, request a demo today by calling (214) 310-1356.

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