Vertical Directories Help Niche Relevance

Last week we discussed voice search readiness for local businesses. This week we’re looking at the importance of building niche citations from vertical directories.

Are Your Clients Listed on Niche Vertical Directories?

In recent weeks, our focus has been on the various dimensions of our data amplifier network. Essentially, these are the integrated channels that ensure your clients’ businesses get found on Google Search, maps, mobile apps, wearables, GPS devices and a host of other platforms.

One of the underappreciated parts of business data distribution is vertical directories. Unlike the broad publishing outlets such as Google Business Profile and Yelp, vertical directories focus exclusively on a tightly-defined industry.

These vertical-specific listings offer businesses the chance to build valuable niche citations that are an integral part of local SEO. As you’ll know, Google’s primary ranking factors are proximity, prominence and relevance. Well, it’s the last of these three factors – relevance – that is enhanced when your clients get listed in niche-specific directories.

At Advice Local, we build niche citations in two vertical directory categories – healthcare and legal. Using directories like FindLaw, LegalReach, LawLink, RateMDs, Healthcare Reviews and eLocal Doctors, agencies working with doctors, dentists, hospitals and lawyers get direct access to niche, authority platforms through our business listings management services.

Why Do Niche Citations Matter?

As mentioned, Google is looking for relevancy when determining search visibility. Citations from niche platforms build trust, make it easier to categorize what a business is about – and provide increased authority.

But on top of these crucial benefits, vertical directories often rank for many niche-focused long-tail keywords. By publishing content on the legal or healthcare fields and featuring descriptions on each listing page, the directories prove relevant for a great number of search terms. And with a flow of targeted visitors coming to the website, businesses will be best placed to reap the rewards.

How We Identify Niche Directories for Our Network

We screen each directory in our data amplifier network to ensure it meets our high standards. When choosing vertical directories, some of the factors we look at include:

  • Commitment to quality – Quality vertical directories are spam-free, and are focused both on moderation and the platform’s long-term success.
  • Domain score – We look at the domain authority score and many other metrics to verify that the search engines view the directory favorably.
  • Accessible platform – Usability factors like navigation and user experience are important, while excessive ads also need to be considered.
  • Consistent traffic – Authoritative vertical directories should get consistent visit numbers from a range of traffic sources.
  • Adherence to niche-specific policy – The best vertical directories uphold strict guidelines to maintain the relevancy of the platform.

Unfortunately, many low-quality directories just aren’t immediately obvious upon first inspection. With the potential downsides of creating listings on low-quality platforms, we are careful to analyze for clear signs of authority and industry relevance.

How Vertical Directories Help Provide Niche Relevance by @BernieColeman #SEO
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Get Started Building Niche Citations With Vertical Directory Submissions

Vertical directory submissions are exclusively available as an add-on for local marketers and agency partners that order our real-time listing distribution services. To access the service and try our complete local presence management software, request a demo today by calling (214) 310-1356.

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