The Top 10 Local Search Topics of 2021

As we approach the end of 2021, it’s time to once again highlight the most popular content published on Advice Local throughout the year. You might not be too surprised to find that many of this year’s popular blog posts are tied to Google EAT (expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness) and the Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business).

As the 2021 Local Search Ranking Factors article from earlier this month revealed, these topics are indeed more important than ever. So, let’s take a look at the topics that got the most attention in 2021… we’ll start with the most popular.

Most Popular Local Search Blog Posts From 2021

1. Local Search Ranking Factors – What’s Important in 2021

When you want to know what local search experts think, the annual Local Search Ranking Factors survey is a must-read. And it’s not surprising that our article published in early 2021 made the cut. From the most important search signals to the value of reviews, this report gives a crucial insight into the world of local search. Take a look back at what was considered to be most important for 2021 – and compare it to what is recommended for 2022.

2. How to Apply Google EAT to a Google My Business Listing [#Infographic]

We’ve been pointing out the importance of Google EAT for a while now, and our handy infographic has proven to be a popular post this year, quite understandably. In this article and graphic, we outlined how to apply EAT to a GMB listing to improve discoverability. Google has since rebranded the familiar Google My Business (GMB) – now called Google Business Profile (GBP) – but you’ll be glad to know the same tips and tricks still apply.

3. A Case Study Into EAT and Google My Business

In this article, we provided a real-world case study from one of our Advice Local partners. The study detailed what happened when the partner used our Enhanced Google My Business Tool to apply the principles of EAT for their client. With some simple changes to their GMB strategy, search and maps results saw a significant change. We followed up on this post with more data that demonstrates the value of optimizing a GMB listing.

4. Why Every Local Business Needs an Apple Maps Listing

Businesses are increasingly seeing the benefits of getting listed on Apple Maps. An incomplete or poorly optimized listing will deliver a terrible user experience to the many iPhone and Siri users out there. This article outlines how to claim and optimize an Apple Maps listing, including the benefits of using an automated service to check that the data is intact. And yes, for our Advice Local partners we include the creation of Apple Maps listings.

5. Zero-Click Search & What It Has to Do With Google My Business

For businesses that need visibility but also want searchers to visit their website, zero-click searches can feel like a mixed blessing. In this post, we outlined how to make the most of zero-click searches by conducting audits into GMB listings, website content and product pages. By comprehensively optimizing content, consumers can find relevant business details across multiple locations.

6. Why Is Google My Business so Important?

With increasing numbers of consumers heading to Google to research products and services, GMB has the power to transform the fortunes of a local business. We looked at why GMB is so important in this blog post, with a focus on simple optimization changes and the results they could have. Of course, GMB has since rebranded to GBP, though the same principles work as well as ever.

7. Near Me Goes Hyperlocal – This Search Qualifier Isn’t Going Away

To deliver the most relevant and accurate results to searchers, platforms including Google, Facebook and Nextdoor opted to pursue hyperlocal search. Mobile searchers in particular want businesses close by, and the near me search qualifier grew in popularity. This blog post highlights the importance of near me searches – and how to help your clients get hyperlocal.

8. Google My Business & the Business’ Website Works Together

This article gave a detailed and data-driven look at the impact of monitoring and updating a GMB listing. Thanks to an agency partner, we were able to examine the results derived from optimizing a listing with regular GMB posts. In addition, we saw the benefits of aligning services listed on both a GMB listing and a business website – and the potential pitfalls that can occur when this is not done.

9. Google My Business Is Now Google Business Profile

As we headed towards the end of 2021, Google announced a rebrand to their business listing service. Overnight, Google My Business became Google Business Profile. As we discussed in this post, at Advice Local we weren’t too surprised by the move. We had been discussing the shift towards social networking and user-generated content with GMB, and the rebrand solidified their plans.

10. Getting the Basics of Yelp, Bing & Google My Business Right

Listing management is at the heart of everything we do at Advice Local. With this in mind we created a refresher on optimizing listings for Yelp, Bing and GMB. In this article, we covered some key areas where local marketers can go wrong when it comes to delivering an optimized listing for their clients – and how to get it right.

Honorable Mentions Go to These Popular Local Search Resources

We had to give an honorable mention to some valuable resources from the Advice Local website. These resources are not blog posts and they weren’t published in 2021, but they keep earning praise from our readers, holding the title for the most popular resources to date.

Applying E-A-T in a Google My Business Listing

This comprehensive download, Applying E-A-T in a Google My Business Listing, helps businesses improve their Google Authority Score by implementing Google EAT strategies. Expertise, authority and trustworthiness (EAT) are clearly important factors in local search, yet most people don’t know how to demonstrate these to Google. Download the resource today and we’ll show you the techniques you need to know.

Winning With Voice Search

With increasing numbers of voice searches, agencies need to have a strategy for helping their clients get more voice search traffic. In this Winning With Voice Search download from Advice Local, readers will learn why content matters, how voice search users act – and the way to appear in featured snippets. Download your copy now.

Epic Guide to Local SEO

Coming in a close third in our popular resources that deserve special praise is the Epic Guide to Local SEO. This comprehensive interactive guide contains 15 chapters of detailed SEO instruction. After consuming this information you will understand the key aspects of local search, including citation building, Mobile SEO, the importance of reviews, plus the best tools to help local businesses. If you’d prefer to download the resource rather than viewing it on our website, that’s available too.

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