Last week we looked at the importance of data aggregators for syndicating business information. Well, today we’re continuing the data submissions theme with a focus on navigation and mapping apps.

Mapping Apps and In-Dash Navigation Solutions Are Essential

This week we want to talk with you about the importance of submitting a business’ data to in-dash navigation solutions and mapping apps. As a local marketer, we’re sure Google Maps and Apple Maps stay top of mind for you – and the local businesses you represent – but there are many more mapping solutions out there.

For instance, with over 140 million users, Waze should be a priority, along with TomTom and Garmin. Plus, today most car manufacturers (Ford, BMW, etc.) have their own in-dash navigation – they need to be considered too.

There are many challenges for a local business working to reach these solutions on its own. That’s why partnering with a business listing management service like Advice Local is so important. Through our listing management solution, we syndicate business information to these powerful mapping platforms. And we include it for free.

So why do users like Waze so much? It’s the access to crowd-sourced information in real time. Waze users submit traffic jams, speed traps and accidents when they see them. Waze immediately shares this data with users traveling that same route, providing alternate driving directions when possible.

This collaborative approach has become so popular that Apple Maps and even Google Maps are trying to provide a similar experience. While they’ve not yet achieved the Waze community-minded spirit, their crowdsourcing functionality is constantly improving.

Why Is Data Accuracy in Mapping Apps Important?

Now imagine for a moment that your client’s local business data can’t be found on Waze – or that what’s listed is no longer accurate. Think about customers who arrive at the business location only to find it’s closed – or no longer there. These frustrated customers can then submit this information to Waze.

In turn, the next customers requesting directions to the business may receive this bad data. Just how many customers will this local business miss out on? Thankfully, this can all be solved with a listing management solution that submits to a comprehensive network of mapping apps.

At Advice Local, we include submissions to the most popular mapping apps and in-dash navigation solutions for every local business submitted through our solution – and it’s included for free. We will ensure your local business clients get found in Apple Maps, Bing and many more important data sources that make up the Local Search Ecosystem.

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Our Listing Management Solution Makes Map Submissions Easy

If you want help submitting your local clients’ map data to the important mapping apps, the Advice Local partner dashboard is the solution for you. You can also rely on us to assist with directory submissions, data aggregators and more. To try it for yourself, request a demo today. Call (214) 310-1356 for more information.

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