Change Is Inevitable - Find Out How to Win With Google This Week

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Find Out How to Win With Google This Week

It’s been an interesting week in the local search space; it’s also been an interesting week in the social space. Wow, even in the area of reviews! Which one impacts you the most? Keep reading to find out.

John Mueller Says “Use Those Reviews”

It seems we have the official blessing from Google’s John Mueller to post reviews received on third-party sites on the local business websites we manage. John does caution to make sure the structured markup is not applied on these copied reviews and to give credit to the source site. Not sure how happy this approval will make Yelp and other third-party sites, but Google is fine with it.

Brand Pages No Longer Accessible Through the GMB Dashboard

A few days ago, it was announced on the Google My Business (GMB) Community that the brand pages will no longer be accessible through the GMB dashboard. Page managers and owners will have to access them through their Google+ account.

Brand Pages No Longer Accessible Through the GMB Dashboard

Secondary Links in a GMB Listing Can Deliver Results

A community manager on the GMB Community reminded everyone that adding additional links to the GMB listing is recommend for some businesses. The options vary based on the type of business. As an example, for our GMB listing, we have the option to add an appointment URL.

Secondary Links in a GMB Listing Can Deliver Results

As they pointed out, “these links make it easier for customers to take action directly from Google Search or Maps.” The point that caught my attention was how some GMB listings will include links to third-party booking services automatically.

The downside of automatically including third-party links is that the local business will have to contact the provider and opt-out of their service to get the link removed. It can take several weeks to get the link removed and that is only after the provider has notified Google of the opt-out. In summary, a reallylong time, which is not ideal.

Facebook Users Are Hitting Delete

It seems that over 25% of Facebook users report they have deleted the app from their phone. I have a few theories about it. Could it be because of all the bad press Facebook has been getting lately? Maybe it’s the privacy issues that seem to plaque this popular social network; or have smartphone users just decided they have better things to do with their time? It could be that many are starting to look at it as a search engine – I’ve talked about this before. Do you still have the app installed? If not, why did you delete it?

Change Is Inevitable

If you follow this email weekly then you must have realized that change is inevitable. Google will continue to change. Consumers will continue to change. Technology will continue to change.

It doesn’t matter how many times things change, you can count on us to help you make a smooth transition. If you are not already a partner, request a demo today to learn why our partners love us.

Advice Local Partner News

iBegin joins Advice Local’s Data Amplifier Network this week. This directory services the USA, Canada, the UK and New Zealand. They have a long list of cities you can browse on their website.

Did you know we select the directories that make it into our Data Amplifier Network based on 23 different metrics? Citations are important, and it’s about quality, not quantity. Here’s why.

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Reviews: The Ranking Tool You Need to Target

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