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Not so long ago, quantity was an important metric in developing a successful directory listing network. But search engines are much smarter today, and the best listing management services are far more likely to prioritize quality. For businesses, this essentially means getting listed on a diverse range of dependable platforms – and maintaining the accuracy of each listing. But how can digital agencies most efficiently create quality listings that will help boost their clients’ local presence?

How to Maximize Results From Local Business Directory Listings

Older, static business listings have increasingly fallen out of favor, as contemporary profiles are likely to feature rich content and interactivity. From photos and videos to reviews and discount offers, now listings can offer much more than name, address and phone number (NAP) alone.

Business Listings Still Matter

First, we must point out that business listings are still a crucial element in increasing local presence. While listing management has been around for years, the strategy still works as well as ever.

For instance, in the 2023 Local Search Ranking Factors Survey from Whitespark, local citations were regarded as vital elements of local pack ranking. In a poll of SEO experts, Google Business Profile (GBP) signals received an estimated weighted importance of 32%, while citation signals hit 7%.

Real-Time Changes Make a Difference

Whether it’s a street address or hours of operation, your business clients will inevitably make changes. And when dealing with a network of listing platforms, errors will inevitably occur. So what’s the best way to approach this? In practice, the ability to quickly adjust this information makes all the difference.

For both search engines and consumers, consistency marks a business as being trustworthy and credible. And this starts with providing accurate business information across every platform.

Build a Sophisticated Network

As we’ve discussed, the quality of the directory listing network is of prime importance. Currently, quality refers to trusted platforms covering search engines, directories, review sites, vertical platforms, mapping apps and more. At Advice Local, we have built a comprehensive network that our agency clients can tap into. Here’s a brief look at the Data Amplifier Network.

  • Data Aggregators – Companies like Foursquare that collect data on a vast number of businesses and distribute it to a network of search engines, mapping apps and navigation systems.
  • Data Accelerators – A curated collection of the most powerful search engines, mapping apps and local platforms.
  • Data Enhancers – High-quality, trusted directories such as DexKnows, BubbleLife and Judy’s Book.
  • Voice Assistants – Get found on popular voice search platforms like Alexa, Siri and Google Home.
  • GPS Accelerators – Accurate business location details for in-dash navigation, GPS devices and more.
  • Vertical Directories – Targeted niche directories in the health and legal fields.

At Advice Local, we use both APIs and manual submissions to build a business’ footprint across these platforms. This approach delivers the speed and accuracy needed to develop a network of business listings – while avoiding those thin, spam-filled sites that harm local presence.

Review Management

Reviews are a key component of most popular directories, including GBP, Yelp and more. Yet customer reviews should not be a one-way conversation. Whether the feedback is good or bad, consumers expect businesses to respond. Fortunately, integrating an advanced review monitoring tool means that this process need not be resource-intensive for an agency or its business clients.

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