Business listing management providers.

Managing the digital marketing requirements of multiple businesses is a considerable task. To lighten the load, agencies and local marketers enlist the help of professional listing management services. And since the local ecosystem is constantly evolving, it’s necessary to determine whether your business listing management provider is keeping up-to-date.

Why Is Business Listing Management So Important?

If you’re shopping for a new business listing management provider, it’s time for a quick review of why these services matter.

  • Local Search Visibility Optimization – While opinions differ on their weight of importance, citations are without a doubt an essential part of local search marketing.
  • Brand and Trust Building – Businesses need a significant online footprint built on accurate data in order to develop a trusted brand.
  • Customer Engagement – Review responses and customer engagement are newer – and highly important – aspects of listing management.
  • Local Ecosystem Building – Your business clients need to be found on premium directories, in-dash GPS systems and other niche platforms.
  • Analytics and Insights – Insights into customer engagement and behavior allow businesses to make smart decisions.

What Should You Expect From a Business Listing Management Provider?

As we examined in our five questions to ask before hiring a citation builder post, a listing management partner’s capabilities are a significant factor. When shopping for a provider, look for the following services.

Comprehensive Data Distribution

Listing management should encompass data aggregators, data accelerators, data enhancers and various other solutions. Essentially, this approach involves distributing business data to search engines, directories, GPS services, local community platforms, vertical directories and more.

Real-Time Updates and API Integration

Inconsistent business data is one of the quickest ways to harm search engine visibility, with Google and others aware of the poor user experience bad data can provide. Fortunately, real-time updates can solve any data issues across an entire network of platforms. At Advice Local, we leverage APIs to manage data, along with manual submissions where necessary.

Advanced Google Business Profile Services

As we recently discussed, Google Business Profile (GBP) signals are the most important local pack ranking factor. For this reason, providers must go beyond simple GBP submissions. For example, our advanced services include GBP Sync, auto-reject of public edits and data insights.

Review Monitoring and Sentiment Management

With more consumers checking reviews before buying from a business, review monitoring becomes an integral part of listing management. And while it’s essential to respond to reviews, agencies must also monitor overall user sentiment across the important platforms.

Scalable Services

As you increase your client base and their businesses expand, your listing management partner needs to provide the tools to help you scale. Having a straightforward, robust dashboard for monitoring and managing client data allows agencies to stay on top of a growing business.

Data Consistency and Platform Compliance

Listing management requires interactions with a diverse network of platforms. A quality provider will ensure all submissions follow each site’s guidelines, and that data remains consistent.

Voice Search Optimization

Digital assistants continue to grow in popularity, making voice search optimization a necessity. This process involves understanding the natural language patterns in queries and ensuring listings can be easily found via voice search. You can use our Voice Search Readiness Test to see how your clients are doing.

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Best Business Listing Management Provider for Agencies

Advice Local is a leading provider of business listing management and citation building services. When your digital agency wants a comprehensive, hassle-free approach to local presence management, speak with our team today. Call (214) 310-1356 or request a demo.

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