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We’re excited to announce a new addition to our local presence management product suite – the sales tool website widget. Our latest innovation focuses on helping our agency and marketing partners get more sales. As listings management is one of the more important local marketing strategies, it also helps improve local visibility for your brick-and-mortar and service area business clients. Simply put, listings management is one of the easier ways to generate income for your agency.

Using our sales tool website widget, site visitors can run a free online visibility report directly on your website. You’ll receive the prospect’s contact information and Baseline Report in your partner dashboard as a widget lead, and the prospect will receive a white label report in their email – with your logo and wording included.

How Does Our Sales Tool Website Widget Benefit Your Agency?

Through passive sales generation it’s possible to build a customer base, increase trust and credibility, plus drive traffic via worthwhile prospects. Before long, a quality prospect can turn into a valued customer.

We all understand that sales generation equals long-term growth and revenue. And both of these become more attainable when you utilize the proper resources, like the latest sales tool from Advice Local.

As you focus on the importance of leads and sales generation, you might ask how utilizing this brand-new sales tool website widget could benefit you. We’ll explain how Advice Local’s sales widget can make your job easier overall.

1. Increased Revenue

Businesses focus on new customers to increase revenue. Essentially, every lead is a prospective customer – it’s simply a matter of selling them your services and turning them into a paying customer. By generating leads directly on your website (with little to no interaction necessary) the widget will streamline the sales generation process, allowing partners to focus their efforts on closing more deals and opening new accounts.

2. Business Opportunities

It’s safe to say that even the best account managers and sales professionals will miss out on a market opportunity at some point. After all, you just cannot be everywhere at once. But with the sales widget implemented directly on your website, prospective clients come to you. This method opens the doors for new business opportunities.

3. Improve Sales Quality

Securing a prospect with a cold call or an email is a gamble, as the business may not be open to your services. But through our sales widget, the potential client is actively showing interest. They came to your website, took time to fill out the information to receive their free online visibility report and then submitted their business information. Businesses like these will represent a higher-quality sale overall.

Our Latest Sales Tool Makes Closing New Business Easy

Advice Local aims to offer simple, effective marketing solutions for our partners. With our latest sales widget, you can:

  • Boost sales by allowing you to focus efforts on the client, and less on cold-calling prospects.
  • Enjoy total website integration, with the tool displaying directly on the web page in an open or expanding box – and with your agency’s sales copy and logo front and center.
  • Get a full data report submitted directly to the partner dashboard – and ensure it’s easier than ever to follow up with a lead.
  • Every prospect will receive a copy of their online visibility report sent directly to their email inbox, opening the door to your future emails.

Here at Advice Local, ensuring that our agency and local marketing partners have the tools and resources to better assist their clients is our priority. It’s our practice to improve, innovate and offer marketing solutions and sales tools designed to solve your problems effectively.

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Get Our New Sales Tool Website Widget for Your Agency Today

Our sales widget is one more solution aimed at securing new business and turning prospects into long-time customers. For more information on our sales widget for your website, or a peek into our partner dashboard, request a free demo today by calling (214) 310-1356.

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