How to monitor Google Business Profile reviews.

Alongside factors like local proximity and on-page signals, Google Business Profile (GBP) reviews are integral to improving local search visibility. In response, Advice Local has recently launched our review monitoring tool to help our agency partners with this time-consuming task by simplifying the review monitoring process. Here are just some of the ways we have made GBP review monitoring more efficient.

4 Ways to Simplify Google Business Profile Review Monitoring

Partners with active business listings management with us can access review monitoring in our dashboard at no additional cost during the beta. And while our solution covers a network of platforms, GBP is naturally a priority for most agencies and their local business clients.

1. Track Google Business Profile Reviews

For many consumers, customer reviews will massively impact their first interaction with a business. For example, a person searches for a local dentist, lawyer or plumber, and your client’s listing appears in the resulting local pack. Everything from the star rating to the details of the reviews could then influence whether or not the sale goes through.

Our review monitoring tool makes it easy to stay on track of GBP customer sentiment by collating the information within the dashboard. Agencies can track reviews as they come in, follow a troubleshooting process – and ensure a client does not suffer any long-term reputation issues.

2. Get Notifications for Every Google Business Profile Review

We recently discussed the importance of monitoring reviews, including the value of building trust and credibility. And in this process, the many benefits of speed is one aspect that must be highlighted. Consumers have grown used to contacting businesses through social media or chatbots and getting fast responses.

And rapidly responding to reviews is no different, as a fast response to positive and negative feedback helps clients and the business itself. This is exactly why we provide notifications for easy review monitoring automation. With daily, weekly and monthly review alerts, agencies and clients get the GBP information needed to deliver a more rapid response.

3. Get Insights About Business Reviews

Review monitoring covers more than simply tracking individual reviews. Agencies also need a big-picture view of customer responses on GBP and other platforms over various time periods. Access to this review data makes it possible to more easily identify areas for improvement. For example, is the business getting enough reviews, and are ratings staying consistent – or getting worse?

Our review monitoring tool offers data at a glance, making it easy to determine a course of action. Let’s say your client is getting more reviews on Yelp than on Google. You could then speak with the client and modify the approach to requesting client feedback.

4. Respond Quickly to Google Business Profile Reviews

Data from BrightLocal’s Local Consumer Review Survey identified that only 12% of people would not be affected by a business owner responding to positive and negative reviews. In reality, most consumers absolutely want to see a responsive business that’s willing to interact quickly.

As part of our listing management services we distribute business data far and wide. Crucially, many platforms (including GBP) no longer want the static listings of old. Knowing this, businesses need to treat platforms such as GBP the same as social media sites – and review responses are part of this. Using our tool, we allow you to respond immediately by clicking directly to access a review.

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