Local business listings cleanup.

In recent years, local presence has become critical for a business’ success. As more consumers conduct searches before buying, listing management services are necessary to maintain consistent and accurate data. And most established brands have a substantial online footprint – one that’s not always easy to monitor. But with such high stakes involving outdated or incorrect information, cleaning up business listings is a necessity, not a luxury.

Why Accurate Business Listings Are so Important

When a potential customer searches for a business online, the information they find will affect the foundation of trust. Inaccurate listings can erode trust, as consumers can question the credibility of an organization that cannot properly manage its information. In addition, a bad address, outdated opening hours, or inaccurate product list will easily create a negative user experience.

We know that Google uses business listings as one of the primary factors that determine local search rankings. Consistency in NAP (name, address and phone number) information across various platforms boosts your local SEO, helping you rank higher in search results. The existence of inaccurate data reflects poorly on search engines. Therefore, if Google cannot verify the information is correct, they will likely promote a competitor instead.

How to Audit Business Listings

Our citation cleanup infographic details the main steps in identifying inaccurate business listing data. Essentially, you can take a couple of quick actions to get started.

Conduct a Manual Search

Start by searching for your client’s brand on different search engines and record the information listed. Input NAP details separately to find instances of old or outdated business addresses or phone numbers.

Utilize Listing Audit Tools

For a far quicker and more comprehensive look at business listings, try our free Online Visibility Report tool. A search presents a snapshot of your client’s local presence and will deliver key insights into their local visibility. Simply run a free check – our technology will do the hard work for you.

The Tools Needed to Manage Business Listings

Google Business Profile

Google is the leader in local search, and the first choice for most consumers that are researching companies. Claiming and optimizing a Google Business Profile (GBP) gives business owners and their agency partners greater control over the information displayed on Google Search and Maps.

Aggregator Submission Tools

Data aggregators like Localeze, Data Axle and Foursquare compile business information and distribute it to directories, local search platforms and other outlets. By distributing business data through a handful of publishers, you can ensure the information is correct.

Listing Management Services

Advice Local helps agencies with the services they need to deliver for clients. Our listing management solution uses APIs and manual submissions to submit to the top directories, while our Data Amplifier Network distributes to data aggregators, amplifiers, GPS services and more. Also, our GBP Sync and Auto-Rejection tools help you maintain control of Google business listings.

Strategies for Cleaning Up Business Listings

  • Identify and Claim Duplicates – Claim listings to take control of the profile and apply up-to-date information.
  • Merge or Delete Duplicates – When you find a duplicate listing, merge the two profiles or delete the least accurate listing.
  • Duplicate Suppression – A good listing management company can suppress duplicate listings that have bad data in them, making it much easier for you as an agency owner.
  • Stay Updated on Best Practices – Ideas about listing cleanup can change. Stay up-to-date with our Complete Guide to Local Citation Audit and Cleanup download.
  • Run Regular Audits – Business data won’t always remain static, so schedule periodic client audits.

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Try Our Listing Management Services for Increased Local Presence

At Advice Local, we create first-class local presence management tools for agencies and marketers. If you want an effective way to identify and clean up local business listings, access our dashboard solution today. Call (214) 310-1356 or request a demo now.

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