Yelp review monitoring.

Yelp is widely recognized as one of the most influential review-based online directories for businesses. As you may know, Advice Local helps agency partners monitor reviews online from Yelp and other vitally important platforms. But why is monitoring and responding to reviews so necessary? Let’s look at the reasons agencies need a review monitoring process for their clients.

The Importance of Monitoring and Responding to Yelp Reviews

If you aren’t yet monitoring client reviews, it might be the perceived time and resources required that’s standing in your way. But with the right approach, review monitoring is fast – and the results are undeniable.

Bad Reviews Lose Customers

Consumers use Yelp to search for local restaurants, bars, hair salons, auto repair shops and other service businesses. These service businesses rely on reviews as there is fierce competition in most towns and cities. When a client receives a series of negative reviews, the volume and recency of that feedback could quickly lead to a downturn in business. As a remedy, tracking reviews allows you to act promptly and resolve issues.

Yelp Gets Strong Search Rankings

Have you performed Google searches for your local clients recently? It’s likely that a Yelp listing was on the first page, and possibly in one of the first few spots. As a popular platform on Google, Bing and other search engines, Yelp is one of the first things that a consumer in research mode will see.

Monitoring Reviews Is Easy

We recently discussed how we make monitoring Google Business Profile reviews easy with our latest tool. The same elements of convenient tracking, detailed insights, adaptable notifications and fast response times work equally as well for Yelp reviews. We also include Yelp public edits for free with our listing distribution services, meaning we take care of completing key business information for you.

Yelp Reviews Are Integrated With Apple Maps

Yelp is an extremely popular platform with a reach that goes beyond its own website. For instance, Apple Maps augments each business listing with Yelp reviews, allowing users to get quick insights into customer feedback. Naturally, Apple Maps is the default mapping platform on iOS.

Yelp Reviews Can Inform Business Decisions

Monitoring reviews also has some practical benefits for agencies and business clients. The ability to track reviews in real time, see what is being said and determine the overall perspective from a consumer point of view is invaluable.

Fast Responses Prevent Reputational Damage

A significant number of negative reviews on prominent platforms is one of the quickest ways to cause reputational harm to a business. However, many of the issues that led to bad feedback are resolvable with a fast response. In most cases, turning a dissatisfied customer into a happy one just requires a quick and sincere reply.

Responding to Reviews Builds Trust

Reviews are one of the pillars of trust building online. As marketers have long understood, genuine customer responses are worth their weight in gold, and likely result in repeat business. And now, with the help of our listing management services and review monitoring tool, agencies can stay on top of a business’ reputation and build long-lasting consumer trust.

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Advice Local helps local marketers and agencies track client reviews, distribute data to top directories and increase local search presence. If you want an easy way to monitor Yelp reviews, why not try our dashboard solution today? Call (214) 310-1356 or request a demo now.

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