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What in the world is an unGala? If you know the co-founders, Lynde Griggs & Tiffany Utech, then the name is self explanitory! If you don't know them, then you need to know them! They are not traditional in their approach to missions and ministry, so having a 'Gala' would not be their style. They want you to be you; to be comfortable coming to an event however you want to in order to have a great time!

 This year's unGala, 'Flourish', includes a cocktail/silent auction reception, dinner, and dancing. You will hear from the founders about where the non-profit has been over the last five years and most importantly where it is headed. It will be held at the McKinney Four Mill on October 27, 6:30pm - 9:30pm.

Belle & Sparrows is asking for your help in making this year’s unGala an unprecedented success by considering becoming a sponsor. Belle & Sparrows and the women they serve appreciate the valuable support that you or your organization can provide. It’s an opportunity to be recognized for your generosity but also for your partnership in helping women reach their potential. Marginalized and under-resourced women are not topics everyone wants to visit. Yet, without support, these women are destined to remain in endless cycles caused by a lack of hope and lack of resources.

This is the largest funding source for Belle & Sparrows and it will benefit their newest addition, The Stella Center. The Stella Center is a job and life skills training center for the women they employ and serve. It is exciting to see the fruits of their labor in action but even more so seeing the women in this program blossom!


 You are invited to learn more about Belle & Sparrows at the website below. If you have any questions or would like a sponsorship packet, please feel free to contact them directly.
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