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Imagine if you will...

You have a problem with your plumbing, your water is shut off and you must go without a shower or the ability able to flush the toilet until the plumber can make it in a couple of days. What do you do? Tough it out? Go to a friend’s house or check into a hotel?

Going to a friend’s house or to a hotel was not an option for one of our beloved candle makers; she was in between housing and living in her Honda with her twin 11-year son and daughter. Let that sink in for a moment, three humans living in a Honda. After candle making one Saturday, she was going to drive to a mobile shower unit so she could bathe. While having mobile showers available for those in need is something every city should have, it is still a demoralizing experience that only reinforces the stigma of homelessness.

When we found out she was going to the mobile shower, we insisted that she take as much time as she needed and take a long hot shower in the privacy of our office and not in view of those around. You see, we are blessed to have two full bathrooms with showers in our office. I quickly drove to the store, purchased a plush bath towel, and with toiletry donations we had on hand she was able to care for herself, by herself with dignity.

Restoring dignity and eliminating barriers are core to what we are about. Our goal for this Giving Tuesday is $18,000. This is what it takes to open our doors at our office for one year.

We need: 18 -$1000 Gifts OR 36 - $500 Gifts OR 180 - $100 Gifts

We need you in order to achieve this goal so that our office can continue to be a beacon of hope and place of refuge to women we are called to serve. Donate today or mark your calendar for Tuesday the 29th if you want to give on the actual day. Thank you in advance for pouring into women rebuilding their lives.

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