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The Stella Projects' mission is to restore dignity and quality of life by eliminating barriers to success through entrepreneurial development, innovative education and training, and community-driven programs. In 2018, we saw an increasing service gap for women exiting recovery programs. This led to research, time in prayer, the call to begin The Stella Projects, and ultimately to open The Stella Center.

The Stella Center provides a safe environment for women rebuilding their lives to earn supplemental income while participating in job skills training. We have a team of individuals passionate about making this a reality by creating a vibrant community-based organization where collaborative partnerships invest in the success of the women we serve.


Our large social enterprise endeavor is our signature candle line. We hire women that have graduated from recovery programs to make and process our candles so we can give them supplemental income. At The Stella Center, they also receive vital paid training from community professionals such as computer skills, resume writing, interviewing, and so much more. Currently, we have 2 women in our program - Maria and Valerie. Valerie is new to our program and came from Family Promise, a program that offers homeless and low-income families achieve sustainable independence. Originally from Detroit, Valerie found her way to Texas with her 7 kids in hopes of a better life.

When you purchase candles from The Stella Projects, you are making an investment in a woman's future. Valerie recently moved into her own home, and it's programs in our community like The Stella Projects that enable these needs to be met. You too can stand in the gap for women like Maria and Valerie by purchasing a candle or making a donation through the links below.


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