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CASA of Collin County 2017 Voice for Children Gala


The Magic of Wonderland

“You know what the issue is with this world?
Everyone wants some magical solution to their problems
and everyone refuses to believe in magic.”

Please join us as we celebrate the 2017 Voice for Children GALA, The Magic of WONDERLAND, Saturday, April 22, 2017, at the always beautiful and timeless InterContinental Hotel Dallas.

From the moment, you arrive in WONDERLAND, until the time you say goodnight…you will follow Alice and her friends through the Looking Glass into a world of fantasy and fun! Your evening will be filled with the high energy, live sounds of the Mars Hill Band, a Mad Hatter contest, Casino, fabulous items in Live and Silent Auction. As if that’s not enough, what would a magical evening be without a master magician…Diamond Jim Tyler!

You will move along the path in WONDERLAND through the eyes of Alice and her friends, as you see her dreams come to life. A fantasy childhood very different from the nightmare existence of the CASA child. I believe you will come away from Gala 2017 knowing why your attendance and support is so critical to the CASA mission.

“When you can’t look on the bright side. I will sit with you in the dark.” This quote speaks to the spirit and essence of the CASA Volunteer Advocate. The CASA is there holding the hand of the child, while they sit through the darkest times in their young lives.

These children are our future and we are dedicated to supporting them. A CASA is a trained advocate who provides a consistent, strong and clear voice for abused and neglected children as they navigate a complicated legal system. CASA often serves as the only stable, trusted adult in their lives as children encounter the changing dynamics of the foster care system.

“One of the deep secrets of life is that all that is really worth doing is what we do for others.”

All children deserve a safe and loving, forever home, free from abuse or neglect. Your support of the 2017 Voice for Children Gala will help ensure that each child removed by CPS for abuse or neglect has a CASA Volunteer Advocate that is their champion.

“Don’t be late for a very important date…”. Believe in MAGIC! Please join us in WONDERLAND!


For 25 years, CASA has played an essential role in the community, having served over 10,000 children from Collin County in foster care. CASA Volunteers are appointed as the guardian ad litem by District Judges, who rely on CASA’s impartial investigation to provide them with clear, concise information allowing an informed decision on the future of the child. These well trained and dedicated volunteers develop a trusting relationship with the child in order to help them navigate a complicated court system in search of a safe home. CASA serves over 500 vulnerable children every year.


“Most people understand that CPS removes children when they suffer serious abuse and their home is unsafe. Few truly realize the difficult and lengthy process these vulnerable children must endure as they search for a loving, stable and permanent home.” said Susan Etheridge, Executive Director of CASA of Collin County.  


CASA’s impact is best described through the words of one of our advocates, Marilynn, who has advocated for 7 children. She believes the monitoring and friendships advocates provide keep children from getting lost in an overburdened system and ensures their individual needs are met. “These children start out so traumatized, so disadvantaged that they need every helping hand available. I have learned to think of difficult behavior not in terms of “what is wrong with this child” but in terms of “what has happened to this child?” Knowing I have made a significant impact on the life of a child has impacted my life so positively”.  


Child abuse and neglect is an ongoing epidemic in our community that has a lasting negative impact on the victims, our society and our economy. At CASA we believe that nothing is impossible and that we are all an essential part of the solution. Together, we are helping break the cycle of abuse and neglect, but we couldn't do it without the support of a caring community.


For more information about purchasing tickets or table to the 2017 Voice for Children Gala, contact Madison Durr, at 972-529-2272 x 113 or email at If you would like more information on how to become a CASA volunteer, please visit our website at

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