Chestnut Square Village
Yesterday and Today Fashion Show



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Chestnut Square Historic Village
315 Chestnut Street
McKinney, Texas 75069

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Step back in time Saturday, February 25 as we explore the elegance of yesterday's fashions and the impact of history on today's looksFashions from the Chestnut Square historic clothing collection will be on display, and volunteers will model clothing featuring the Edwardian period, showcasing costumes for all types of activities. 

Our partner Cynthia Elliot Boutique will feature this spring's fashions for corresponding activities, so guests will see the impact of vintage fashions on today’s trends. From boots to bonnets, bustles and bavolets, learn their purpose and the role they play today. And what’s a historic fashion show without the inclusion of gaiters, chemisettes and puffons? 

Tea will be offered at 2 seatings: a 10:30 am brunch and a 1:00 pm lunch, served in the Bevel House. Both tea times will join for the Fashion Show at 11:45 in the Chapel. 

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