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Photo by  David Menidrey  on  Unsplash

Photo by David Menidrey on Unsplash

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Halloween is here, so why not take a brief look over some of the more interesting trademarks registered this year?

First off, what does everybody want on Halloween? Candy? Maybe, but after a few bites you are probably feeling the need for a tall glass of CHOCOLATE MILK: THE OFFICIAL DRINK OF HALLOWEEN. Just go here if you don’t believe us. Of course, if you aren’t a fan of dairy, perhaps TALLOWEEN is more your style with its claim of “lard for food.”

Or maybe not.

Next, you might be looking for a last-minute costume. You could always go for LEFT SHARK, but that is a bit 2015. Why not stand out from the crowd as THE UNCONQUERABLE ROACH-WOMAN? We haven’t read the stories yet, but perhaps you can fill us in after you check them out.

Or perhaps you’ve decided not to go out this year, and you’d rather stay home and play It just so happens that you are in luck — their new trademark includes not only computer game software but “Halloween and masquerade costumes” too!

“Ok,” you say. “Is really going have a Halloween costume? What’s next — cannabis costumes?” You, my friend, have beaten us to the punch, because TEAM CANNABIS has done it with their mark as of March 2019.

And lastly, we have to leave 2019 for a moment to be certain you have all of the information. Everyone knows that Halloween is the biggest travel day of the year (or maybe not), and where does everyone want to head to on this most special of days? To Salem for a lesson on the witch trials? Perhaps to New Orleans for a bit of fun inspired by Anne Rice? Of course not! You want to go to the HALLOWEEN VACATION CAPITAL of . . . Orlando, Florida! (The mark was registered in 2018, but how could we leave it out?)

Regardless of where you head off to, have fun and be nice to all the kids.

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