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First of all, you want to look your Professional Best on Linkedin.

Imagine a Potential Employer checking out your Profile and you have a Wrinkled shirt on; maybe even you have your Child's Photo or your Pet's Photo as Your Profile Image?

I know, you already have a Job right now, so you dont need a Professional Photo right now. So what if I have a Photo showing the last Trout I caught! And your Attitude is, Who Cares!

So my question becomes, what kind of Image do you really want to project? Maybe, just maybe, it's time you do care!

Ok, let's assume you have a Job today! So will you be prepared for the "What' if's"? "What if" you get Fired or due to "Company Reorganizations", do you think your Company Exec's are going to care what Image you project on Linkedin and/or will they give you a Heads-up about a company Layoff? I think not!

In any case, my FinestFotos recommendation is: Be smart & always do what the Boy Scouts do, & "Be Prepared"! That's the Smart thing to do, isnt it? Sure is!

I ask for your Feedback & or comments!


So check the FinestFotos Headshots here for Review; see if you can find any Pets or Trout Photos here in these Headshots!

You be the Judge!

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