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Trout lilies, Erythronium albidum, a native lily-like plant with mottled leaves (resembling a trout) tend to bloom for a few weeks during this time of year. This week’s winter weather doesn’t seem to have affected them too negatively. They should continue to bloom for another week or two at Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary. They’re annually visible along the Hoot Owl Trail.

Trout lilies are a delightful change from the dormant appearance of winter in North Texas. The delicate beauty of their small, white, down-turned flowers and lovely mottled leaves are an interesting contrast to the surrounding colonnades of oaks and the many fallen leaves that insulated them through the winter. Their subtle charm makes the process of spotting them (pun intended) feel like a treasure hunt.

The Trout lilies are just now beginning to bloom and we encourage you to come out to see them soon. They will only be in bloom a few weeks. Please remember to leave them where they are and enjoy them from the trail (as we always ask) so that future generations may enjoy them.

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