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Spring Break Mini-Camps



Central Standard Time


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Each mini-camp explores a different topic, a hike on the sanctuary, and more.
On Tuesday, March 12, journey through our Solar System and beyond! This mini-camp will use the GeoGlobe, a digital interactive globe, and movement activities to explore the unique characteristics of the planets and other objects in our sky. We'll also spend time outdoors exploring the fascinating characteristics of the plant we know best - the Earth!
On Wednesday, March 13, find out how fossils are formed and learn about some of the fossils that can be found in our area. We'll look at and get to touch some of the fossils in our education collection. We'll also take a hike on the sanctuary and look at where the fossils have been found!
On Thursday, March 14, we'll use the GeoGlobe to take a look at plate boundaries & movements and the geological processes that create volcanoes and earthquakes. Then we'll head outside to discover the geological features of the Heard's sanctuary. **Hands-on volcano activity involved!!**
On Friday, March 15, get a behind-the-scenes look at our exhibit and education animals. Learn about what it takes to care for them. Meet some of our education animals in person and create some enrichment items for them to use.

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