Aya Parry

“Knowledge which is acquired under compulsion

obtains no hold on the mind.” - Plato

Are you searching for a school where your teen can thrive, not just survive?  Where your child can engage in true learning without the anxiety of tests and pressure from grades?  Where there is purpose and enjoyment in learning?

At Inspired Learning Academy, we want to reignite children’s passion for learning.  We want our students to find purpose and excitement in their development process.  Learning is not a task or homework; it is a natural outcome of our innate curiosity and desire of knowledge that we as humans possess.  At our school, the students design their curriculum under the guidance of their personal advisor.  We take the approach of inspiring and engaging students rather than spoon-feeding information.  The adults become facilitators rather than teachers.

The self-directed way of learning enables students to discover their ‘self’.  They learn how to self-regulate, self-assess, manage their time, and most importantly, build healthy self-esteem.  In our ever-changing modern society where knowledge and choices are overwhelming, understanding one’s ‘self’ and having a healthy self-esteem becomes very significant in making life choices.  Inspired Learning Academy provides the opportunity for students to challenge themselves and develop life skills to succeed in college and beyond.

If you are interested in joining us for our 2017-2018 school year or would like to learn more, please attend our parent information session, held every third Thursday at 7:00-8:00p.m.  Additional information may be found on our website

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