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I heard it summed up perfectly . . . After 35 years of marriage, how do you stay married?

Don’t get a divorce!

Well, as a Divorce attorney I can’t argue.

I am not one to talk, being divorced myself, but for sure, as an attorney I can safely say that legally, no divorce, you stay married.

If times are tough. Keep going.

Are things looking gloomy?

Respect each other.  Don’t go down the path of disrespect.  You get what you give.

Love.  Rekindle it.  Whatever it takes.

Sex.  Crank it up.  Surprise each other. Go slow. Make it hot.

Fun.  Rich or poor, find a way back to fun.

Hard times?

Talk to each other.  Just talk.  Time with each other outside of distraction.

Marriage counseling.  I know a lot of great marriage counselors and they are awesome.  Get someone who both of you can relate to and willing to really work things out – find a life you both can be happy with.

Mediation.  (Before filing for divorce) Find someone who is experienced in Divorce mediation and pay them to help you sit down and discuss the situation.  And what your life will be like after marriage.  Likely it will scare the hell out of you, life after divorce might suck a lot more!  But . . . you never know.

As a lawyer, I follow the law and Texas law supports marriage.  Believe it or not.  We aren’t even concerned about gender anymore.

Oh, and don’t be blindly driven by the passion of the divorce.  It will wipe out vast areas of your life.

If you have other suggestions?  If this is on social media, feel free to comment.  Keep it nice though.

Call us if you need us!  We are here to help with your legal needs!

By Jac Schuster, a Family Law attorney, Estate Planning and Probate attorney in McKinney, Texas. Learn more at

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