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Money is life.  Security. It can mean the difference in have a roof over your head, or your children’s heads, or not.


The Samaritan Inn in McKinney, Texas is a non-profit that helps those experiencing homelessness get back on their feet.  Far more than just a shelter, they help families (with or without kids) as well as individuals recover from collapse. 


All it takes is an illness, a job loss, a depletion of savings, a lawsuit, an accident  . . .


I am proud of being in a city that has such a place.  One of the most recent amazing successes was that all students there graduated to the next grade.  The Inn has some 170 or so kids at any given time.


If you want to support the Inn, perhaps you will consider attending this year’s gala, after all, George Bush is the guest speaker:   Or, donate food, money, used stuff, or your time!  They are always looking for volunteers.


What can be done to protect one’s self though? 


This is the same very practical advice and suggestions you have heard over and over.  But YOU have to take action to protect you and yours:



Make sure your insurance makes sense.  Talk to a professional about Health, Disability, Long term care, Indemnity, Umbrella policies and so on. 



Certified Financial Planners are not just for the rich.  From $50 to $50 Milllion – go talk to one. 



You might be surprised, it is now cheaper in Texas arguably to own a home than rent an apartment.  Talk to a Realtor.  Get pre-qualified.

Financial Education

Many churches offer ministries that help educate the public about financial matters – whether Dave Ramsey or others.  Take advantage of the opportunity!


Legal Planning

You need to plan ahead.   Protect yourself legally too.


A good starting point is a will package.  Having a plan to transfer it to the next generation is incredibly important.  But more than just that, a typical will package is far more:

  • The will gives your family the ability to settle the estate easier than otherwise if you are lost. 
  • A Declaration of Guardian can help the transition to a long term care situation easier and far less expensive for the family than setting it up after disability. 
  • Directive to Physicians is a document that lets the Doctors know your wishes in the event of a terminal or irreversible condition.
  • A Medical Power of Attorney allows family or friends to make those difficult medical decisions in the event you are unable.  Commonly included is a HIPAA release so that they have access to medical records in such situations.
  • A Durable Power of Attorney document gives the family the power to conduct your business affairs while you are unable. 


Without all these, you can imagine the challenges that can lead to very serious circumstances should planning be something that – well – you will do someday.


By Jac Schuster, an Estate Planning and Probate attorney in McKinney. Learn more at Thanks to the Samaritan Inn for allowing this post!

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