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Another Man's Treasure 2021

True Story- The founder of L.I.F.T. R&R, Rolanda had 5 children, a product of generational poverty, living in poverty in California, receiving housing assistance through Section 8. Rolanda, determined to become self-sufficient, commuted 4 hours per day on a vanpool to get back and forth to work, to earn 10.00 per hour while leaving the children in childcare. She dropped them off at 6 am to be at a job that started at 8 am and picked them up at 7 pm from a job that ended at 5 pm due to the vanpool and distance to work. On Tuesday and Thursday, she attended Antelope Valley College for Criminal Justice to try to get ahead and provide for her family so the kids didn't get picked up from childcare until 11 pm. A dear friend offered her a running 1978 chevy Chevette for $250.00 (the current year was 1999), but because she had no money for a newer car, and couldn't afford a car note, she jumped at the opportunity to finally have some transportation. She could take her children to the park, to the free beach, and improve their quality of life. The car was in quite a shape. The driver's door didn't latch to the lock, so when she made a left turn the door would swing open! She would take a rope to tie the door to her seat to keep it from swinging open and throwing her out (the seatbelt was also broken). One weekend she drove her family 14 hours away to visit a family member who was not doing very well. Needless to say, they arrived there but the car wouldn't start when it was time to leave. They were 100 miles away from the closest city and the car needed a small part to get started again but because the car was 21 years old no one carried the part. It would have to be found at a junkyard, and there were none in Willits California where they were stranded at. Devastated, Rolanda and her kids, got greyhound tickets to get home so she would be back in time for work, she couldn't afford to lose her job. The evening before she left she stopped at a local auto store and offered her 250.00 Chevette for free to the man behind the counter. Since it ran and only needed the part, he would have time to locate the part and put it in the car. The man excepted the offer and she signed over the pink slip and left. Hours later the man, his wife, and children came to where Rolanda was staying and offered to take her entire family to dinner. Rolanda had no money left since she had to get the greyhound tickets and she accepted the invitation. 3 weeks later, this family drove 14 hours to Rolanda's home and presented her with a $2000.00 cashier's check to purchase a car! Rolanda bought a minivan, and that minivan lasted her 7 years, never broke down, and was even able to be passed down to her oldest son when he began to drive. This story shows the compassion of a stranger to a divorced, single mother who was doing all she could to get out of poverty. Rolanda has now been at her job for 20 years, became a homeowner in 2003, and purchased 4 homes by 2017 including rental property. She went into management in her job in 2001 and founded L.I.F.T. R&R in 2019 to help alleviate the suffering of those in need and provide opportunities like she was given to come out of poverty. Rolanda offered a $250.00 bucket to a person she thought needed it only to be blessed by them with something that was truly life-changing... Compassion! To this day, Rolanda and Allyn Noneman are friends and Forever connected by the compassion and generosity that Rolanda will always be grateful for. Thank you, Eric and Allyn Noneman!


Another Man's Treasure is that amazing show of compassion and generosity to families that have experienced the perils of poverty! Just like the story above, people can be trying their best but are still in need of some assistance. During the year, we collect new and gently used items like furniture, household decor, clothing that are in new or gently used shape to prepare for a wonderful time of giving on Make A difference day in McKinney. We invite families in poverty to a time of connection, education, and shopping at no cost to them. Many nonprofit organizations come and share what services they have to offer and we have giveaways, eligible families are signed up for toys for tots to also receive a visit from Santa which otherwise their children may not have experienced. This is the spirit of Another Man's Treasure. That day someone will be impacted like I had been and broke the chains of generational poverty. If you would like to donate financially, donate goods or gift cards or in-kind donations such as your talent, volunteerism, or help move furniture, you would indeed be making a difference!


If you or someone you know are in poverty and would like to be selected for this opportunity, please complete the application to apply below.



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