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 This year 19 students, along with upper school teachers Laurie Hubert, Jerrod Butler, and Michael Key traveled to the Dream Center in Little Rock, Arkansas for Missions Week. Starting the trip on a fun note, the group visited the Arkansas Alligator Farm where they were able to hold small alligators and see other animals such as snapping turtles and wolves. Monday night, the group had the opportunity to go to Altitude Trampoline Park. Tuesday through Thursday were spent doing the same routine each day. Each morning, the group went to the Dream Center to do maintenance work. Since the Dream Center is a non-profit organization, having students help them with many small jobs was a great help for them. Students worked by cleaning bathrooms and windows, organizing and cleaning toys, setting up an irrigation system in their garden, and more. Helping out at the Dream Center, Junior, Ren Willis, said, “I loved helping the staff and temporarily filling a void in the lives of the kids.” After a lunch break at unique and local restaurants, they headed back to the Dream Center for the afternoon. The Dream Center provides an afternoon program for children in the community to come and receive tutoring as well as shelter and companionship. As a group, the students were able to love on and play with students who may not get the same attention at home, and the MCA group was able to mentor the kids and go through the routine at the Dream Center with them. It was a special time to share Jesus with them, but also for the kids to impact the MCA group. Telling about her experience with the girls at the Dream Center, Junior, McKinley Tyler, said, “I loved making connections with some of the girls. I just got to love on them and encourage them and it was a very sweet time.” Friday morning was spent at the Dream Center sharing stories from the week with the leaders and then the group traveled back to McKinney. In summary of his time on the trip, Junior, Ethan Norwood, stated, “It was a very humbling experience caring for all of these kids. They have so little and yet seem to be happy all of the time. I can’t wait to go back next year.”

Article contributed by Madison Yates

For more pictures:  MCA Arkansas Missions

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