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MCA Students Excel on AP Test

McKinney Christian Academy is excited to celebrate the outstanding achievement made by our Upper School students enrolled in Advanced Placement® (AP®) courses.  A higher percentage of MCA students scored a passing grade (3 or higher) than the Texas average or the global student average.  MCA requires that all students enrolled in AP courses take the AP exam, which is not standard policy.  By taking AP courses and achieving a qualifying score on an AP exam, students earn college credit and save money on tuition.  AP courses also prepare students for rigorous college courses.

Subject % of students who earned a 3 or higher (passing score)
  MCA Students Texas Students Global Students
AP Biology 80% 58.40% 69%
AP Calculus 100% 51% 61.40%
AP Computer Science Principles 75% 69.80% 71.60%
AP US Gov't and Politics 70% 50.40% 57.50%

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