The City of McKinney announces the completion of several construction and infrastructure projects at Virginia Pkwy. and McDonald St. (S.H. 5) as streets continue to be improved in historic downtown. 

Among the improvements is the installation of a traffic signal at S.H. 5 and Virginia St. Now that the traffic signal is operational, Louisiana St. has been converted to one-way traffic. Additionally, Chestnut St. between Virginia St. and Louisiana St. has been converted to two-way traffic.

To enter historic downtown from S.H. 5, residents will now turn on Virginia Pkwy at the new traffic signal. Virginia St. will serve as the main entry point into historic downtown from S.H. 5 as it will be one-way westbound.  Louisiana St. will now be one-way eastbound and serve as the main exit to S.H. 5 from historic downtown.

In addition to the road improvements on Virginia St., this project included landscape, streetscape and pedestrian elements to match the look and feel of the town center environment.

For more information on future improvement projects in McKinney, click here.

Information provided by McKinney Communications. 


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