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Mckinney ... Green or Not 

Immediate Threat:
Unauthorized Construction, Clear Cutting & Dumping in Flood Plain

The 13 acre property located south of the intersection of Eldorado Pkwy and College Street is the site of an UNAPPROVED CONSTRUCTION PROJECT.

There are no plans on file with the City of McKinney, no Building Permit has been issued. Countless quality trees have been removed
 from this floodplain property against City Ordinances. Hundreds of cubic yards of fill dirt have been dumped on the property affecting drainiage.

The City has issued 3 "Stop Work Orders" on this project and still, the unauthorized construction has resumed 2 times. The City has has this whole situation under active investigation.

This property is owned by McKINNEY ENTERTAINMENT, LLC., The Company Owner is Don Day.

The developer is not some out of town entity. It is our City Councilman, Don Day!!

Does anyone imagine that he does not know how to get a zoning change? A Building Permit? What in the world is he building?

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