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Meet Steve Tucker, the idea man behind Adelphoi

McKinney start-up helps entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life

Adelphoi, a local startup in McKinney, is helping entrepreneurs turn their ideas into real products and services. The visionary behind the company is President/CEO Steve Tucker. He believes everyone has at least one idea, and with the right support it can become a reality.

“In my businesses, I have always tried to be innovative and develop new technologies,” said Tucker. “Despite having an understanding of what it required, it was difficult to escape the daily workload and create the time it takes to build and develop new ideas. I believe that everyone has at least one idea and some, like me, have dozens. We formed Adelphoi to help people bring their ideas to life.”

According to Tucker, the challenge is having the knowledge and the time to pursue those ideas. It was for this reason he started Adelphoi which he’s dubbed as the small business lab.

“Adelphoi was created in part so that I could develop and launch my own ideas,” noted Tucker. “People tell me that I’m an idea guy. I guess that’s true, and so over the years friends and colleagues would often approach me with their ideas. They were looking for advice and input, but also support and confidence. It quickly grew into a small business lab equipped to assist others in developing their ideas and getting them launched. We also help existing businesses expand, and this is important to the local economy.”

In addition to providing a physical location where people can bring their ideas, Adelphoi employs a trained staff that adds dialogue and vetting to the process in order to determine market viability.  Adelphoi offers a wide range of services including branding, design, custom website development, strategic marketing, search engine optimization, video marketing, social media campaign management, mobile app development, and physical product prototyping with go-to-market servicing.

“I realized the average person needs not only the tools and knowledge to pursue their ideas, but also a community of support to help them overcome the hurdles they’ll face,” said Tucker. “People also need permission to see themselves as capable of creating something new.”

At Adelphoi nothing is off the table. The company has helped entrepreneurs pursue physical consumer products, new mobile apps, and technology patents.

Adelphoi connects clients with funding sources to help propel their development and launch. Potential investors are beginning to see Adelphoi as a go-to source for innovative projects. 

“We are located on a busy corner and get weekly walk-ins from passerby’s who want to share their ‘next big thing,’” added Tucker. “It’s an exciting process and we get to witness real passion from those we are privileged to call clients.” 

Adelphoi also builds software to simplify the evaluation process, and is currently building systems to help administrate the various stages that new products and services flow through.

Steve Tucker is a long time McKinney resident, owns and operates multiple manufacturing and supply businesses serving the construction markets throughout the United States.  For more information about Adelphoi visit the company’s website at 

Adelphoi is part of the McKinney Economic Development Corporation’s (MEDC) Emerging Technology Program which helps facilitate the expansion of high-tech industry and job growth. The program offers incentives to start-up companies in the form of rent reimbursement.  For more information visit the MEDC’s website at