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In today’s business world more and more companies are moving to paperless systems. Jared Green, founder of PestRoutes and current tenant at The Collide Village in McKinney, is helping pest control companies adopt a paperless system with a cloud-based application called PestRoutes.

PestRoutes helps pest control companies become more efficient. Some of their services include: automatic route and schedules, send automated appointment reminders, batch charge customers and complete services using iOS and Android apps.

“I worked for dozens of pest control companies nationwide and I kept thinking, ‘why doesn’t someone create something that is easy to use, cloud-based, and takes advantage of the new technologies?’” Green said. “Two years later we have a beautiful and powerful software package that is saving Pest Control Owners significant time and money.”

Currently finishing Beta testing, PestRoutes is able to accommodate both small and large companies. For a monthly fee, business owners can receive a wide variety of services that includes mobile apps, an online payment system and appointment reminders sent via email, text and voice.

“Our focus is to automate office tasks so owners can focus more on growing their business and make more money,” Green said. “We have had huge success with our early customers and we are revolutionizing the way Pest Control companies manage their offices.”

Green attributes a lot of PestRoutes success to Collide Village in McKinney. The Collide Village is an exclusive co-working space for entrepreneurs, a milestone driven accelerator, an events venue, and the hub for a global community. Collide Village was created in partnership with the McKinney Economic Development Corporation. Green said it is a great environment for a start-up company and it is both encouraging and inspiring to see other entrepreneurs pursue their goals.

“Running a startup has a lot of challenges,” he said. “Some of these challenges have been eliminated and minimized because of Collide Village. Having a designated office space is crucial to getting us out of the house and more focused. It also is a great place to bring in potential clients and customers.”

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The Collide Village aims to support emerging technologies and to develop innovative industries within the City of McKinney by providing a range of services to entrepreneurs and start-ups. The Collide Village was developed as a hub designed to provide workspace, education, support, events and workshops to businesses in McKinney. The Collide Village is a co-working space with Incubator and Accelerator programs geared toward fostering success for entities. Additionally, the center provides a “Collide Corridor” area for anyone to come to, meet up, work and otherwise collide with other innovators to spur new ideas and collaborate on possible ventures. Visit for more information.


The McKinney Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) was created in 1993 to support the development, expansion and relocation of new and existing companies. The MEDC is an organization with a mission to work to create an environment in which community-oriented businesses can thrive. The MEDC is actively pursuing investments in aeronautics /aviation, corporate headquarters, emerging technology, healthcare and medical device manufacturing, professional services and renewable energy. For more information, visit