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 McKinney Start-up, Adelphoi, Develops App for Parents

Phone Rules lets parents schedule their child’s phone access


 Adelphoi, a start-up in McKinney, Texas that helps entrepreneurs turn ideas into real products and services, has launched a new app for parents called Phone Rules.

Phone Rules allows parents to schedule times during the day for their children to use (or not to use) their mobile device. For example, if you don’t want usage while your child is doing homework you can schedule “Homework Time” and the access to the phone will be denied for the specified time period.

“As a parent you become concerned with how much time your child actually spends on their device and when they’re using the device,” said Tommy Beauchamp, Phone Rules developer. “We wanted a way for parents to truly manage access to children’s mobile devices. Whether you want their full attention at the dinner table or while operating a vehicle, with Phone Rules you can manage access from anywhere at any time.”

One of the best features of Phone Rules is the GPS detection. When this feature is enabled, Phone Rules will recognize whether your child (and device) is in motion anytime they try to send a text message.  If Phone Rules determines your child (and device) is in motion, the texting on that device will be disabled until they come to a stop.

According to Jay Halderman, who recently downloaded and uses the app, it’s great for managing kids’ phone usage. “There’s times when you want to curb or limit your kids' phone usage, and this app is a great way to do that while still being able to make or receive calls from their parents (or any other approved contacts). The added ability to turn off texting while driving could save lives and takes that social pressure to do something we all know is dangerous completely off the table.”

Phone Rules is currently available for your Android device in the Google Play store.

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